Once you have read about me, I am sure you would like to know, what “Sonalism” is all about.

Sonalism is an insight into simple thoughts of profound meanings. It deals with a variety of topics ranging from view-points, to life, humour, poetry, cricket, philosophy, etc.

The unique thing about Sonalism is that it does not deal with a particular topic alone but covers a broad area of interests.

This is to ensure that Sonalism has a global audience and is actively read by people all over the world.

Since, I am an Indian, there may be a few category-related posts that deal with India alone……however, I try to keep them general, so that the mass audience reading it will understand my feelings regarding the topic.

As a writer, for me, Sonalism is not just a blog, but a way of putting my ideas across the globe, to grow and to share.

Sonalism is my soul; in tune with rest of the earth!


Sonalism has 3 pages.

Home– which gets displayed as you open up the site.

Sonali Dhulap– which contains my description as an individual

Know More– which tells you about the blog

On the left hand side, we have—

“Quote all the way” :- I try to update this regularly with quotes that I find interesting. Sometimes, the quotes are related with the latest post that I have published.

“What a month…” :- It is a calendar for the current month. The highlighted dates represent the dates on which I have posted my posts.

“Recent Additions” :- It displays my 7 newest posts, the first one being the latest and the end one being the oldest.

“Accolades” :- It displays the latest 5 comments that people have posted after reading my articles.

“Blogroll”- It displays few blogs which I have connected with my own as I like to read the stuff coming from those particular authors.

The rest of the widgets will show, how many hits Sonalism has got so far, my spam filter and my voting tag.

On the right hand side, we have—

“Search”- It lets you look up for a particular term or tag of interest and search my articles.

“Categories” :- It displays all the categories related to my articles. You can click any of your interest and read the posts associated with it. All posts are filed under more than one category, hence, they may over-lap.


I like to keep my posts varied. Sometimes, when articles get too much, I will publish a poem, so that Sonalism gets a refreshing change and people get to read both prose and poetry.

At the end of each post you will see the categories it is filed under and the tags associated with it. Tags are particular terms that feature within the post.

After that, is the “comments” link which will display the number of comments I have got for that particular post. You may click on it, to view them.

Finally at the end of the page, there is a link of “previous entries”. As you go on clicking on it, it will keep displaying older posts until you reach to the very first post that I wrote more than a year back.

So, I hope, you have fun finding what Sonalism is all about.

Happy Reading!


Hakuna Matata!



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