She sits by the window sill

The book open on her lap

The pen poised in mid-air

Waiting to fill the gap

The thoughts all jumbled up

Run around in her head

The words that lay forgotten

Since the day they were read

She searches for inspiration

The power to freely write

The sentences barely forming

In the diminishing evening light

The fresh ink drips from the nib

And dries up on the blank page

Her ideas behind lock and key

Trapped in an invisible cage

Imagination eludes her

And so does rhyme and reason

Doubt reigns in her mind

With each passing season

The darkness slowly envelopes

With hope suddenly lost

The cold stealthily seeps in

And spreads over as frost

She stares blankly into the space

Her eyes moist with unshed tears

Her hand shivers involuntarily

The night magnifying her fears

The quiet unsettles her

Loneliness engulfs her soul

She searches for the chaos

She searches for the control

She wraps her arms around herself

And rocks herself to sleep

Before the tears trickle down

And she begins to weep

The seconds turn into minutes

The minutes into hours

The first ray now illuminates the clouds

And wakes up the flowers

She rubs her eyes in confusion

And opens her arms wide

As the sun rises over the horizon

And lets the bright inside

They stutter through her pen

And assemble themselves on the page

The words now find a way

And come of age

The path is still long

And destination not in sight

Wearily she treads with uncertainty

Before she embarks on the flight

The words transform into sentences

But not yet in the desired way

It is still a start to better things

With each passing day

She knows now its the beginning

That is always tough

Improvement awaits her

Once she braves the rough

After all what’s the point

If she doesn’t try

Only when you get your wings broken

Do you learn to fly


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