A Goodbye That Lasts Forever…

(Some Goodbyes last forever. We only do not know this soon. We just continue hoping for things that will never happen, dreaming dreams that only have the potential to remain as dreams. Reality is much harder and it hits even bad. All that you hoped for, wished for, can crashing down around you in an instant. It’s only a matter of time before you are forced to say goodbye to the one person you thought would never leave you…..)

What could be worse than this

I always used to wonder so

Life could be much more pain

I just however did not know

As long as hope lived

As long as the day came

As long as his voice was there

As long as he remained

I had not a care in this world

I had this crazy belief

Everything would be alright

It’s only a matter of time

There would, soon be relief

But slowly the brightness consumes

The day that never ends

There is no tomorrow here

A way to meet these ends

The finality of today

Is hitting hard just now

The camouflage that hid this despair

Is falling apart right now

And it’s a goodbye, a goodbye

One final farewell to him

And it’s a goodbye, a goodbye

One final farewell to us

It’s dying, it’s dying

The beautiful dream is dying

Quit trying, quit trying

I’m soon gonna quit trying

A Goodbye that lasts forever

With no hope of amend

A Goodbye that stretches forever

With shattered soul that won’t mend

You build these castles in the air

They sit atop a lonely cloud

Ans as the sky clears around

They tumble for crying out loud

I can’t remember the tone of his voice

I can’t remember the memories

I can’t remember his thoughts & words

I can’t remember when to cease

I can’t even say kill me

‘coz everyday I die anyways

I look for a way out

As i run blindly thru’ this maze

Does my life have a meaning?

Now that I don’t cross your path

Does my living has a reason?

A flame for every moth

If Love hasn’t hurt you yet

You are probably doing it wrong

Deep inside every heart

There resides a broken song

So goodbye, goodbye

A final farewell to you

Goodbye, goodbye forever

The sorrow beckons anew

This is the goodbye that will last forever

With absolutely no hope of amend

This is the goodbye that will stretch forever

With a shattered soul

With a shattered dream

With a shattered heart

With a shattered goal

….that will not ever mend

…that will not ever mend

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