(Sometimes there is no reason for existence, no reason to thrive, absolutely no reason to survive and in the journey towards death, living until the end – a challenge that seems impossible)

She and her indifferent ways

Ways I cannot fathom, neither can others

Others they point fingers, laugh at her

And she laughs back at them

Not a flicker of pain passes over her face

Her hurts are buried deep within layers of inscrutability

I am puzzled by her behavior

For she is carrying upon herself, an unquestionable burden

An unnecessary encumbrance

No, she is not a celebrity

Not someone even remotely famous

Perhaps, she is very ordinary

Perhaps, she is a nobody

A self-proclaimed martyr

I don’t think she is meant for others to understand

She will go away from this world as easily and effortlessly she came into

Thousands won’t mourn her death

But she will leave a void in lives of some people that will never be filled

Yet she has a sole purpose

To guide me forward

No, she is not a philosopher

I do not learn the mysteries of universe from her

But she keeps me sane

She makes me believe

Makes me believe in a bigger picture

A better future

As I navigate through an uncertain present

She shows me the unearthed good in the past I buried long ago

When I cry, when I hurt; She doesn’t wipe my tears

She amplifies my endurance

When all seems lost & the ground I walk on trembles

She becomes the crutches that help me to stand

When I jump from a cliff, she doesn’t catch me

Instead gives me wings so that I can navigate my own flight

When I am drowning, she is not the ship that rescues me

Instead she teaches me to swim against the tide

Deep down I know she is my wellwisher

Though usually I never fathom her ways

She is not the answer to my every question

Instead she creates more questions than I can answer

Yet she makes me who I am

Yet she holds me up when I am down


People call her a bitch, so do I

People call her difficult, so do I

People call her strange, so do I

And all those tags are justified

When I see my closed ones suffering

When I cannot salvage any hope

When I am sick and tired, wounded and hurt

When I am carrying the burden of broken relationships

When I am too afraid to trust & too scared to move forward

Then in all fairness, She becomes UNFAIR

She still smiles at me

Mocks at my innonence

And though she longs to hug me & say its alright

At difficult times, even she is the servant of circumstance

But sometimes, She is lovely

Fresh as the spring breeze

Warm as the summer sun

Pure as the snowy white

And pleasant as the drizzling rain

And so…

People call her sweet, so do I

People call her love, so do I

People call her a blessing, so do I

And all those tags are justified

When laughter surrounds my near & dear

When the one I love makes my day

When friends are my biggest strength

When genuine smiles are not far away

In a world, in which, every single day

I make efforts & efforts to SURVIVE

The more you obtain, only when you learn to GIVE

As I struggle everyday just to THRIVE

She shows me what’s it to LIVE


She is ME

She is WE


She is a PART

She is a PIECE

She is a HALF

Even the WHOLE



And Every feeling that I STOLE

You know who she is

Yet you deny

‘coz your innocence evaporated

With the youth

You surround yourselves with lies & deception

And move farther away from the truth

Her going away is not in her hands either

And she is scared for us, you know

When we fail to appreciate the little things

And just give up & don’t grow

She is afraid that she will have to leave early

Even before she makes you understand

And alone, you will get stranded in the darkness

Sinking helplessly in the quicksand

Embrace her before it’s too late

‘coz trust me, even animals SURVIVE

But it takes lot of courage

To break the chains

And admit that you are ALIVE

With joys & happiness in PLENTY

And sorrows that are RIFE

She is that invisible GOD

For she is…………….LIFE

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