Dear Sachin…..Dear God….

Dear Sachin,

I cannot explain in words, the amazing feeling that I felt on the night of April 2nd when MS Dhoni hit that glorious six to claim what was rightfully ours. For a moment, I thought about what will be going through your mind & tried to imagine as well as feel the immense joy that you must have felt.

Earlier, it felt cruel and sad when you missed out on big runs when you came into bat especially after watching those crackling boundaries that you hit. But you know what, for the first time, in my life, I didn’t feel the dread of losing the match as I always feel when you get out easily. ‘Coz I could see the determination etched on the face of each and every player to fight back strongly. And fight, they did! The wonderful display of batting that Gambhir put up followed by a never-say-die Dhoni who despite of feeling exhausted & tired was never letting it go; was indeed commendable.

And every player gave his best. Since the semi final, I have observed that the fielding has been superb and we oozed that grit and determination that is expected of champions…..confidence but not over-confidence. Dhoni has such a large part to play in this, with his calm and serene attitude and unshakable belief.

My world cup moment was when you came running onto the field and hugged Yuvraj and both of you had tears of joy in your eyes.

It was so emotional, so fulfilling and so perfect.

I bet you filled the eyes of those watching, with tears too. You filled mine.

A lifelong dream had been fulfilled. A moment for which you waited for 21 long years…the greatest moment of your life….

Your master-class was reflected on every individual in the rest of team, each of them trying to give their 200% not only for the team or the country but also for you.

The respect you hold is so vast…..What must it feel like someone doing something for you…to make you happy….what it feels like when there are other people struggling to fulfill your dreams by cruising alongside you?

SIX world cup appearances…and each and every time you played your best. Each time, with the intent to inch closer to that coveted trophy and each time you were denied….There were times when others fell short of their expectations or destiny never smiled on us. But, you kept going and going and we entered the 2011 world cup with the single expectation of getting you — your dream, your life.

I absolutely loved it when Virat said that you have been carrying the burden of this country for 21 years and its time we carried you on our shoulders.

That sounded like some cheesy dialogue, but it was perfect for the moment. Everyone was looking at you…praising you…dedicating this win to you….. And, you in all your humility accepted their offering proclaiming this as the proudest moment in your life.

You had an amazing world cup…amassing close to 500 runs and showing yet again as to why you are the greatest player of all times. However, while the whole world was wishing for your 100th ton….you, the man who never plays for his personal milestones…you, were only wishing to hold that one golden prize that eluded you for so many years. That beautiful trophy you had seen Kapil Dev lift way back in 1983 when you were just 10 years old….Little did you know, that 28 years from then…you will hold it courtesy of your team-mates who just wanted to make you happy and give to you what you truly deserved.

Sachin, do you realize, with age, you have got even better…..and you have worked yourself so hard each time to reach pinnacles of perfection. And the last 2 years have been fantastic. You have managed to make and beat every single record ever known….You weren’t the one with the highest score in ODIs and last year you hit a double century; a feat that no one else has accomplished and that too against one of the greatest bowling attacks in the world. You completed over 50 test centuries and are just 2 centuries away from doing that same feat in One dayers with an amazing total of 99 combined. What next, Sachin? A triple? A quadruple century in the tests?

You walked off the ground when you were convinced you were out in spite of others feeling otherwise….you have showed tremendous sportsmanship on and off field, never uttering bad words about others. You have set an example, not only as an amazing player but also as a truly wonderful human being.

Sachin, I am so proud to be an Indian because of you. I am so proud of you, I love you, I revere you, I worship you. You indeed are divine.

You inspire me to rise above this mediocrity to reach new heights….to be a good human being….to be true to yourself….to never let go…to keep on fighting…

Today, I sincerely want to wish you on that amazing world cup win and the brilliant effort that you put throughout the tournament.

As I watch the news channels today, where most of the skeptics are insisting that this as your last world cup and that you are going to retire, all I feel is anger & a sense of betrayal.

Who are they to take decisions for you? It was your choice to enter the world of cricket and it will be yours again when you decide to leave it….I know, you love the game more than anything else in the world and that you would do anything to keep on playing, like, forever… 🙂

I want you to pass on a message to all those critics and over-smart people who don’t believe in you —-

“Each one wants something out of life. And what do we do, when we get what we want? We simply wish for something else.

The dream got fulfilled but not the Man. As long as the Man is there, there will be more dreams to come. Maybe not as special as this one but just as important….

It will take years for you guys to catch up with this man…No, not just records-wise but to match those exceptional qualities that he holds as a person too.”

Sachin, all I wanna say is that, even if I get at least one person to believe in my dreams like I do, I would have fulfilled my life. But, I am not you and neither are others. What makes you so special? What makes people respect you? Why are people in your awe? I don’t know. But you are like that twinkling star that lights up all our lives.

Sachin, you are my; you are our GOD.


Lots of love, wishes & respect,

One crazy fan/devotee

6 thoughts on “Dear Sachin…..Dear God….

  1. this is awesome … i ve tears in my eyes …. u said all dose things which a sachin fan feels …. i hope somehow sachin atleast for once goes through this letter

  2. I know…One thing I really really want is for him to read this….it will be a dream come true for me if that happens…

  3. I’m absolutely overwhelmed that Shona you dedicated a blog for the greatest cricketer of all time.And what a time to dedicate!!!!!!!!
    I’ve rarely seen Sachin’s tears of emotion roll on field.The last time when he cried was when India played Pak at Chennai,I exactly don’t remember the year (supposedly it was 1999-that Pak’s tour during the Kargil war).But this match will be ebbed in my memories for long long time.The match was well poised at a stage when Saddagopan Ramesh was cruising at one stage but India lost crucial wickets.There was only one man who could have dared to take on the challenges of great Pak bowlers (Akram,Aktar,Saqlain Mushtaq)and that was Sachin Ramesh Tendulkar.Only 15 runs to win 5 wickets in hand,India were set to win.But that day fate had decided otherwise and reminded us the worth of Tendulkar’s wicket.India lost the match and Sachin was crying in the dressing room…..he did not come for the post match ceremony though after lot of persuasion from teammates he had to come to the field….as a child of 13yrs…I’d cried…I didn’t eat that day….that crazy cricket fan in me adored the genius becoz on that day worth of Sachin was noticed by the whole world.For more than a decade Indian cricket relied upon this man’s wicket…If Sachin gets out-Switch off your TV sets and engross yourself in some work and wait for another match.But today the day has changed…..the young guns have taken over but they still love,respect Sachin…and if his wickets fall there are young guns whom India can rely upon.Thank you new generation for taking that burden off from Sachin…it has been team effort to win the cup for India..for Sachin.

  4. Thanks Prashant. Yes, I remember the match…It was during that match his back pain began. It gave a lot of sadness to him and all his fans. Even in this world cup after hitting 2 amazing centuries, we still failed miserably against England (the tie was as good as the loss) & South Africa. But something changed after South Africa’s match…..Something that you could see in the body languages of all team players during the quarter and semi finals AND so even when Sachin got dismissed early during the final, all hope still remained ‘coz the dream he had carried all his life, now had enough strength to come true on its own!!!

  5. VERY WELL WRITTEN….i wntd to say the same,jst cudnt find words. Sachins career is as much as my age n he has been an inspiration since long. Infact, he was the only reason why i started watching cricket. N i am jst soooo proud and happy today on sachin lifting the cup…what a monent. He jst conveyed the msg…dreams do come true afterall.

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