(How the very existence as a human being throws us into a turmoil to fight the greatest inner war that man has been fighting ever since birth. How nothing is wrong or right but the personal quest to obtain the gift of life draws our strength to almost the breaking point to fight those immortal entities that we ourselves used as stepping stones in the first place. How no loss, no win is permanent as little battles are encountered every day and what is expected of us is not to set our sights for the end but to keep on trying until the end…….)



You are fighting a losing battle they say

Oh you could never win this way

Join us they confidently exclaim

This common cult, they ask me to proclaim

We are the ones to whom you belong

We are the ones who will be there lifelong

Join us and let us all be one

Join us till the work is done

I try to hide and let them pass

I bide my time to run away

‘coz once I get entangled in their clutches

I will never be able to leave this way

I have to survive and have to thrive

As I fight & fight with all my might

As I realize I am not just fighting for my own self

But for the basic human right

At times when my energy is low

I move unsure-ly to their side

Until I get the strength to put myself back on

Until by my promises can I abide

I fight to keep my identity intact

I fight to be who I am

I fight till I get forlorn and weak

I keep fighting till the day end

They are the ones who plant obstacles in my path

And pull me down as I climb higher

They are the shadows the block my success

And against my happiness do they conspire

They remind me of the five fingers on my hand

They are greed, lust, money, fame & power

They follow me silently & test my tolerance

To see where I falter in the need of hour

Although the five are a part of everyone’s life

We struggle to keep them in check

And let them grow strong to rule us so

And unintentionally throw our life in a wreck

They lure us in their web of deceit

They entice us in their dirty dance

They grow to a point when they consume us all

And we keep doing things in a trance

We forget we are their masters

And lose the control

And let them turn us into slaves

And forget our role

But some time some day some one like me

Decides to end it for once and for all

And gear up to fight against them so

Before I know my downfall

‘coz I know that time is scarce

It will take a lot of effort for me to outlast

And not fall in the trap that every man falls in

To not lose hope & sink into din

The “greed” reminds me of things I want

The past demons that come and haunt

Show me what I am about to lose

As the craving comes to taunt

The “lust” looks me directly in the eye

True feelings in me continue to die

Dares me to rise against it so

To end its reign and let true love flow


The “money” proves as the shrewd dictator

As it is a part & parcel of every life

You never know when it grows into you

And consumes you from the inside


The “fame” is a fickle friend

It carries you up to the top

And its the one that pushes you down

Till your glory comes to a stop


The “power” is unsteady until the end

And when more, corrupts to distend

As it kills the heart & takes over the mind

The power of a power one of  its kind


And although these five are essential in life

They are the ones that drag us into strife

No sooner than are we old enough to defend

Each portion of life we begin to amend


The untarnished innocence we had as a child

The running carefree in the wild

Those little things that we thought as great

Have gone from being strong to mild


And one day the truth dawns upon us

How each man must fight his fight

Survival of the fittest they say

A dark age without any light


And with this in mind, I stand up to rise

With past experiences that have made me wise

With the knowledge that its not that I’ll die when the battle looms ahead

But its when I stop “trying” that I will wind up as dead …….



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