(Are we for real? Or are we some inexplicable unsolved illusion? Are we existing? Or do we just “think” we exist? Sometimes we have no answers for some questions. When we wake up from a dream, we believe we are back in reality BUT what if we are yet to awake? What if, this life we are living, a long never-ending delusion……)



I run through your thoughts

I sprint through your mind

You try to hold onto me

And put life on rewind


Yet you can’t find me in any of your memories

Yet you can’t seem to locate me when times freeze


Do I exist cause you are

Or am I for real?

I bet you are confused, I know

Was my face an illusion?

And my voice imagination?

Only in your dreams did I learn to grow


Were you the only one who could see me?

Was I invisible to everyone else?

Just a creation of your imagination..

Someone you made up

Like an imaginary friend

A self-believable strange notion


Do I live in your heart, unknown to all

Hidden in that tiny space

Am I the one; that pumps blood into you?

An emotion you can’t replace


Where am I, you wonder?

Whats my origin in your life?

Am I a forgettable chapter, you think?

Someone who will disappear when time comes

Like a slowly vanishing link


Do every breath you take, fills you up to brim

Reminds you of the fragrances I hold

I cloud your vision so easily

Do your eyes deceive you – when my image they behold?


Can you find if I am real when you slowly touch me?

Or even your touch is an abnormal delusion?

Why do your ears still hear my soundless laughter?

My identity, your mind’s confusion!


Did the life we lived-

Never did happen at all?

Was it a dream from which you woke?

A web of unsure hallucinations

A relationship that was revoked


You still wonder whether its this or some past life

That weaved my memory into yours

A mysterious connection that appeared out of blue

And assimilated in that life of yours


Or maybe- I am you, you are me

Maybe we are; one whole

Two souls that thrive in one single body

Same destination to seek but play different role


There’s a thin line that separates, this mirage of  inscrutable

From what we believe as real

Or maybe all this is just make-believe world

Neither imperfect nor ideal


Is the truth just a fiction

And a lie that we live

Fallacy that binds you and me

Our lives a deception

Our relation non-existant

A raging enigmatic sea


Or someday you may find

I am indeed a fact

I always was and will be

Its you who is unreal

Just a memory re-living

A figment created by me…..


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