(“Dream-kill” is a poem, I am sure, most of you will identify with. It is a way of life. How we destroy our own dreams and desires to live by the worldly rules. When we are young and carefree, we make so many assumptions and build so many dreams. We think we can conquer the world. We live each day to the fullest. We are so naive about the outside world. We think we can easily master it. But then when we actually are thrown in this world and become independent; we start compromising. Our dreams are long forgotten. They seem childish and immature. We start living by rules and strict guidelines. We “kill” those dreams. We lose our identity. We are no longer the class, we become the mass……)

I kill a dream every day

I bury a dream every night

I try to forget the promises I made

I live in the world of black & white

I reminiscence the desires that I once held

Of reaching high up to the skies

And now I sit on the ground with clipped wings

With reflection of the mocking sky in my eyes

I look fondly at the ocean so vast

But left on the shore with a ship of broken mast

A long forgotten yearning to scour the seas

An impossible dream to swing with the breeze

An ancient craving to travel the world

To make a mark along the journey & unfurl

But I fall & stumble and trip & dive

I never reach destinations how much ever I strive

I once held a chain of dreams

A bag of desires & hopeful springs

A twinkle in the eye, a tryst with fate

A beautiful world I used to create

Now each day I struggle to reach day end

Living for a handful of monetary gains

To insignificantly perish some day like others

To be shackled for the rest of the life with chains

I retreat in my shell & build a cocoon around me

I don’t let anyone enter or flee

I lose myself in monotonous things

The little hidden joys I refuse to see

Sometime in the past I had thought a lot

About my multidimensional capacities

How one day I shall conquer the world

How one day famous I am going to be

Now all the time I have is for work

To toil & sweat and money to earn

To abide by my duties & pursue my loyalties

Only certainties now I discern

Where are the risks I took when I was young?

Where is the energy I showed for a quest?

Where are the promises I made to myself?

All those wishes now I have flung

All I ask for now is to wake everyday

And return to a dull existence

A bed to sleep and some food to eat

With absolutely no resistance

My aspirations are ordinary

My preferences no longer count

I have compromised with my destiny

I have no more false hopes to amount

I will vanish from this world some day as I came into it

With no impact or importance of someone great

One less in the sea of common fishes

Holder of an uneventful fate

Now I even struggle to remember my dreams

As I murder at least one when the day ends

Dreams that will never be fulfilled

Dreams that will never know amends

I laugh at myself & think silently

To what I have been reduced to & I be

I lost my identity somewhere along the way

When I needed most, I failed to be me

All I do is what I “have” to do

I no longer desire what I “wanted” to do

I am a puppet in the hands of circumstances

I am just left as an escapee

Like me, I know, you all too live

Only few move forward and learn to give

But many like me perish easily

Many like me fail to forgive

Lose the innocence along the way

Lose the enthusiasm to find a novel way

Live for others & lose the uniqueness

The one which differentiated us from others some day

Mold ourselves to the rules that are set

Never learn to break out & disobey

Tread on paths explored & trodden

Fail to find a different destination faraway

No more I am different

Now I am this

I transformed to fit in this world

No more am I eternal bliss

And so…………

I kill a dream every day

I bury a dream every night

I easily forget the promises I made

I perpetually live in the world of black & white


5 thoughts on “DREAM-KILL

  1. So true….luvld it Sonali…especially d line – ‘When I needed most, I failed to be me’

    Keep creating such good stuff

    Best of Luck … 🙂


  2. We were born and raised on celluloid and the mythology we knew was about Godzilla beating King Kong and Schwarzenegger travelling back in time. The heroes we wanted to be were busy saving the world, and the lives we wanted to lead were little more than a dream conjured by someone sitting in an AC lounge.

    And yet, when we reach the real world, we realise that the picture is not nearly as romantic as we’d imagined. It’s chaotic, nonsensical, illogical and most of all, it isn’t the artificial reality we were raised on. We see more and more people everyday, come into conflict with more and more ideas everyday and we change faster and faster everyday.

    And when we realise that we have nothing to hold on to, we go back to the only solution we’ve ever known: to disappear in the sea of dreams, and become part of someone else’s crushed dreams. What do we get in the end? A giant web of hyperreality that comforts us far more than reality. Maybe it’s heaven.

    But heaven’s not enough.

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