(Having written poems on “Soulmates” and having read a lot on that matter too; I came across a concept of “False Soulmates”; these are people we “think” that are our soulmates whom we love and admire but in reality its a mistake that we make……soulmates are relations of a lifetimes…..false soulmates may be people we love and care about but it is not a lifetime relation; it lasts a season.

“We’ve drifted apart” is an account of how love that we once think is pure and endless actually is feeble and hollow from inside. We are unwilling to accept it and keep the relation going for the sake of it. But at some point in life we’ve to accept the truth and learn to let go…..)

I pause and look behind

And wish I would find him there

Not trying to follow me

But just to let know that he cares

Yet all I find is a lonely road

A barren stretch of land

I am left carrying this heavy load

With no one to give a hand

I lay my sight on his arrival

My eyes wander and silently wait

All I am left with is distant memories

and a dash of  ungrateful fate

No longer does his voice

soothe me and protect me from the pain

No longer do his strong hands

Cover me from the torrential rain

Neither does my voice

brings him any joy or hope

No longer does my laughter

Gives him a reason to cope

My hands fall insufficient

They can no longer wipe his tears

I can’t even cheer him up anymore

Or diminish his fears

There’s no magic in this relation anymore

No spark as it used to be

An obligation that is making this continue

No true love left to see

We politely acknowledge each other

And behave like strangers you know

We mildly accept our presence in each others lives

Just waiting for the right moment to let go

We smile outwardly

to hide the inward hurt

We cover our bruises with smiles

To let the confrontation avert

He doesn’t miss me anymore

He won’t mind if we don’t talk for days

It’s OK if I silently vanish from his life

It’s OK if we part ways

We don’t believe in our love anymore

It was just a passing phase

The affection’s a bit rusty now

The feelings in bit of a haze

Only pleasant memories remain back

To torture and inflict the sting

The true happiness that we shared once

The ghosts of past reminiscence cling

We lost ourselves somewhere

along this path

We were never meant to be together

Our relation just an illusion

Couldn’t survive this rough weather

I pray we make our choice

To stop pretending and accept whats true

Bade each other goodbye

Or keep acting as if we don’t have a clue

Only we are to blame for the hurt we face

Only we can bring ourselves to agree

This life a constant struggle, a disgrace

Only we can set ourselves free

‘Coz now we know, how much ever we cry

No longer do we live in each other’s heart

Denial can be so terrifying

Now that we have drifted apart…..

6 thoughts on “WE’VE DRIFTED APART

  1. Wow…. and Wow!
    Amazing how you articulate this emotion/thought in a beautifully worded poem/song.

    However, this poem also scares me… I hope everyone finds their true soulmate!

  2. Sonali this one is also good as all other poems that i have read of yours. After reading this what I thought of is “Sometimes the smallest thing in life changes something forever and there will be times when you wish you can go back to how things used to be but you just can’t because things have changed so much”.

  3. a wonderfully worded poem
    hate it because its so true, happens to almost every1….hoping it doesnt reccurr though

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