Somebody: Hey, are you an atheist?

Me: No, I am a believer!

Somebody: You mean, you actually BELIEVE in GOD?

Me: Yeah, whats wrong with it?

Somebody: How can you believe in something that you have NEVER seen???

Me: Who said that I have not yet seen God?

Somebody: You mean you HAVE?

Me: Yup!

Somebody: Are you kidding me?

Me: Nopes!

Somebody: You have actually SEEN GOD in FLESH & BLOOD?

Me: Thats what I said!

Somebody: How? Where? When? What?


I have seen him dedicating his life to something he believes in for 20 long years.

I have seen him opening the batting for India and the Mumbai Indians year after year.

I have seen him hitting centuries and centuries in tests and one day internationals.

I have seen him when he went to become the first and the only player so far to hit a double century in one day cricket.

I have seen him accepting countless “Man of the Match” and “Man of the Series” awards.

I have seen him hitting boundaries like never-stopping missiles

I have seen him exuding talent in all forms of the game.

I have seen him turn things in to gold just by touching them…..

Somebody: Hey, wait. I know what you are talking about. You mean that Tendulkar guy! He is the one? He is YOUR god? Baah!

Me: Yes, he is!

Somebody: But how can he be a God? He’s human!!!

Me: Whats wrong in worshiping a human? As far as I know, the Christians do the same! Jesus was the son of God, not god himself.

And so do Hindus? Don’t we worship, Lord Rama?

Somebody: Puh-leaze! Thats different. Those were mighty men with extraordinary powers. Why would anyone want a human god who is as ordinary as you and me? I mean, even Superman and Spiderman are supposed to have miraculous powers never seen on earth!

Me: Really? So, the prerequisite for worshiping someone is that they have alien powers and the ability to fly and glide over tree tops and mountains? Ridiculous!

Somebody: Why ridiculous? What about cricket then? Its just a game, right? Its not as if winning a world cup is going to make India a super power or just bcoz a guy name Sachin Tendulkar lives here, The floods are going to stop and it will rain plenty but in control, and there will be no earthquakes, no bomb blasts, not any other natural calamities either…..

Me: Well, these things have happened anyways even when Gods walked upon this earth.

It doesn’t count through what amount of burden and trials and tribulations we are put through; what counts is our willingness to get back on our feet!

Why wouldn’t I worship Sachin Tendulkar? What cricket-loving fan wouldn’t?

Whats wrong in worshiping the dedication that guy exhibits. The sheer patience and ample of self-control for 20 long years.

Whats wrong in worshiping a guy who never utters a bad word on field? Who maintains so much poise and dignity even when the opposite person is ridiculing him or cursing him. So much so that the person opposite gets embarrassed with such an open display of humility!

Whats wrong in worshiping genius in its purest form? The unaltered talent and the untarnished brightness that drips from him.

Whats wrong in worshiping an unbelievable display of hard-work and sincerity where most of us youngsters get bored even to walk a few steps to the supermarket?

Whats wrong in worshiping the lavish praise for other players that he is never tired of giving?

Whats wrong in worshiping the selfless guidance that he provides to upcoming players and fans?

Whats wrong in worshiping a dedicated family man who finds time for his wife and kids?

Whats wrong in worshiping an unselfish donor who donates countless money to the charity anonymously?

Whats wrong in worshiping the insatiable hunger he has for improving himself, correcting his own self, competing against his own self, beating his own records, bettering his own natural game?

SACHIN RAMESH TENDULKAR is not a lesson in cricket, my dear. He is a lesson in life itself.

It takes both Gods and Humans to make this earth, my friend.

The only difference is –

We bring some Gods to the level of Humans AND

We take some humans to the level of Gods.

(And I have one such God in the form of Sachin Tendulkar. On his 37th birthday, this is a post right from the heart.

Wishing you loads of success, happiness and a very happy birthday, Sachin……)

One thought on “HAPPY BIRTHDAY GOD

  1. Completely agree. His dedication is a shining reminder of what true divinity is. And his achievements are the examples of the pinnacles man can achieve. He’s a true god among us mortals. May men like him multiply!

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