I find you in my breath and soul

I find you in night & day

In all little things that I once called mine

While walking, on the way

You are hidden in my secret smiles

And those stolen glances that I take

And pretending to sleep on lonely nights

When I miss you and keep awake

And far away in a distant land

You keep feeling the same

There are so many feelings to choose from

A relationship with no name

I relive all the moments of past

When you were by my side

And now I count the days

And wait for you to be beside

To silently hold your hand

And drown in your deep eyes

To listen to your lovely stories

Under the blue skies

I peek in my heart and find

You silently waiting for me to know

You live within me happily

And are with me wherever I go

I talk to you in my mind

And yet the words reach you there

How do you come to know, what I feel?

Are such attachments so rare?

Why does my every heartbeat

Sings only your song

Why does my trust in you

Never ever goes wrong

How do you explain this bond

And what makes the two of us bind

What makes all this so special

A relation one of its kind

Why does my every moment

Redefines my life with you

Yet as every day passes

My love’s still as good as new

I stare out of the window

and see the starry sky

Thats how much my love is vast for you

The beauty makes me cry

Sometimes I am glad we met

But sometimes it hurts to know

This won’t last for long

And some day I may have to go

And a wonderful thing like this

Has a destined brutal end

And yet I can’t leave you this soon

And can’t even make amends

And whenever you miss me

Remember this, we’re beyond these petty things

We belong in the clouds & heavens above

Like angels with lovely wings

May be we have something else in store

Something beautiful yet to see

In some different life may be

In some other fantasy

And then no one can separate us

‘coz we will be; one whole

Two beating hearts that love each other

Through a single soul

Then distances won’t matter

And time will stand still

And all our heart’s desires

Will easily get fulfilled

But its still time for that day

And we’ve; a long journey to make

Battle all the hardships and storms

And not let our attachment shake

And even when I leave you & go

Promise me, you’ll still be mine

‘Coz for me you’ll still be my god

I’ll worship you in my shrine

And this memory will keep us alive

And guide us all the way

To a place where we’ll be together

And are never sent away

Our destinies will clash once again

Our love will triumph all

We’ll rise again through the ashes

But for now, lets take the fall…

7 thoughts on “THE FALL

  1. lovely poem, with a beautiful, optimistic ending…”we’ll rise through the ashes,but for now, let’s take the fall..”

  2. Hey Sonali……
    dis 1s damn good yaar….
    wasnt aware of this quality of urs….
    FANTASTIC WORK GAL…. Keep goin…..

  3. Our destinies will clash once again
    Our love will triumph all
    We’ll rise again through the ashes
    But for now, lets take the fall… nailed in the end.. 🙂

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