The little girl and God

The little girl was sad. She was growing up and she began realizing how bad the world was. How deceitful were the people. Even close ones were suddenly strangers. Her own people paraded with masks of greed and deception. Relationships, as she knew, were in mess. Just a couple of good people in her life remained. Only them, could she trust. But the world didn’t like it. The rest of them, so wanted her to be like them. They were snatching her away and she wanted to hold on to the few good ones that remained. Thus, began a struggle. A constant vigilance. A never-ending battle to maintain sanity. To maintain relationships. To maintain life.

Anybody can exist. But, the little girl wanted to live….

The little girl folded her hands and looked up to the sky. She knew, God, today was going to answer her questions. She believed in him. She didn’t seek easy solutions to her problems. She just wanted answers to her questions and a little strength to face the world.

The early morning sun had scattered its reddish hue over the sky. The wispy white clouds looked like cotton engravings over a masterpiece. God wasn’t flesh and blood. God was a presence. God was a voice. God was a power reflected in nature’s painting.

The little girl asked God, “What is the difference between relation and relationships?”

God replied, “Relations are mandatory. As soon as you are born, you get related to so many people by default. And you carry these relations all your life. Relationships are different. You develop them. They are entirely your choice. They are the ones that keep relations alive. They are the ones that transform relations from being an obligation to being an asset. Not relations in life convert to relationships. But that doesn’t mean you have to distance yourself away from all. Value your relationships and keep those relations close. You never know, which relation might turn into a beautiful relationship.”

The little girl pondered. The mystery had slowly started unraveling itself. She asked again, “What is pure love? What boundaries does it have?”

God smiled and said, “There is nothing in the world called pure love, ‘coz love itself symbolizes purity. Love is a power even greater than me. Love is magic. There are no boundaries, no limitations. Simply becoz it doesn’t follow any constraints. Love is freedom. Love is understanding. If you love someone deeply, nothing remains between the two of you. Becoz your souls unite to form a single one. You may live separately physically but your heart beats to the same rhythm. Love is, when you realize, that you both are living the same life without any hidden motives.”

“Yes thats how it is”, the little girl thought. Then she suddenly remembered the cause of her anger. The very cause of the struggle she was facing. She asked with sudden agitation, “Is that so? Then- Why are people so bad? Why my own people act so weirdly? Why can’t they think beyond normal things? Why do they have to be so negative? Why do they keep pointing fingers? Why can’t they understand the purity of love? Why do they think its tainted? Why???”

God chuckled at the little girl’s innocence. She had a lot to learn. She had a long life ahead and he wanted her to be strong for further battles. He knew she had that strength in her. It reflected in her character. He knew she was a fighter.

After her sudden outburst, the little girl felt a sense of calm around her. She relaxed and waited patiently for God to reply.

God answered, “Not all people can think beyond the obvious. Not all of them are good. And you can’t please everyone. Love is a complicated thing. Its not easy. There will be many more people in life who see it as a tainted thing. Purity is a concept accessible only to a few. Fingers will point and tongues will wag. But believe in yourself, believe in love. There is nothing greater than it. Whatever you do but at the end of the day if you think the connection still remains, the attachment still lingers then worry not. Whatever the other people may try to do, your love, your faith will endure everything. It doesn’t need hands to fight back or a mouth to curse back. Silence is its most profound weapon.

It may take long. But one day, you’ll reach the beyond and then these petty things, these annoying people won’t matter much. ‘coz love will fill the space and purity will engulf everything around you. Have patience. The day is not far. With love that you have inside you; here is your heaven on earth……”

The little girl closed her eyes and absorbed God’s words. They were her hope. She smiled softly to herself and placed one hand on her beating heart and felt the presence of a soul inside her. A soul that she shared with a person separated by a physical distance of thousand miles but a love that encompassed all boundaries…………..

One thought on “The little girl and God

  1. Another good one. But I thought it lacked objectivity. After all, all the ignorant ones that you speak of are made of the same flesh and blood as you are. Maybe you should accept their views as simply a different way of looking at things rather than choosing to tag it.

    But all the same, excellent creativity.

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