“Soul-mates are people who bring out the best in you. They are not perfect but are always perfect for you.”

(Everyone in this world longs for a friend. Lucky are those who have someone to call their own. You don’t need tons of people as your mates. Only a few ones, those whom you trust with all your life, are enough to battle any sorrow and enough to share any amount of joy. A friend can be anyone who is dear with absolutely no restriction of age, status, caste, relation. That is the beauty of such a person. A BEST FRIEND! The best thing about friendship is that it can co-exist with any given relationship in the world as well as survive alone….

To my best friend, with love and gratitude, here’s something that has been written with you in mind……….)

You seek a shoulder in pain

Pray that your call does not go in vain

You wait for that lovely smile

That makes you happy in a while

A hand to guide, a hug to say

That you are loved in more than one way

Someone who will not judge you ever

But stand by your side forever & ever

Someone who will care for you even when you are lame

Someone who will cheer you in every game

Someone who won’t get bored whatever you say

And with some silly joke can make your day

Someone who will bring you in, when others kick you out

With whom, even for a moment, you are never in self-doubt

A BEST FRIEND is what each one wants

To shield from misfortunes & protect from taunts

Yet, is that friend  some person totally new?

Or someone old, with whom you grew?

Do you choose him from one so many?

Or do you meet him suddenly on any day sunny?

Is that friend a familiar face?

A person so known that you can’t replace…

Or is he stranger who seems so dear?

Its as if he has been always near…

Who exactly is a BEST FRIEND?

Someone to support & someone to depend

A mirror image of our own self

A helping hand as well as a plea for help

He is an answer to our every question

A pill to combat any depression

A ray of light, a chunk of hope

A bunch of roses, a tool to cope

An innocence that sparkles, in the eyes

A relation even stronger than the blood ties

A FRIEND is “trust” in oneself and all

A soothing ointment after a great fall

Of love and care he constitutes a shrine

A soul-mate, with powers divine!!!

One thought on “A SOUL-MATE

  1. “Soul-mates are people who bring out the best in you. They are not perfect but are always perfect for you.” …so perfectly defined….when i was just about looking for a perfect definition for “soulmate”….

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