(Why is it that despite trying hard to fit “in”, you are always left “out”? Why is that for no reason at all you are shunned and rejected all your life? Why is it that you are a scapegoat for all mishaps? Why is it that you are not given a chance to show what you really are? Why everything you do is labeled as “fake”? Why despite of years of relationships, you are still considered an outsider? An outsider, among the own…… )

All I need is one more chance

To prove my loyalty to you

Not to be misjudged as I always was

Just not to be loved by few

To tell you I am not that bad

I have so much of good in me

To make an effort to be connected

What is it that you can’t see?

Why am I isolated like this?

Why am I not worth your trust?

Why do you always betray me?

Why ignoring me is a must?

I try to keep my patience

And keep all relations intact

I am unconditional

and ask nothing in return

Yet you call all this an “act”?

I need love in return

And not dislike

I need you to stand by my side

Support is what I ask for

And not something material

Yet I am pushed aside!

Why are the rules different for me?

Why am I rejected?

You keep me out where others are let in

Just what from me is expected?

Stop it ‘coz it is enough

Just how much more do you think I can take?

One day I may not tolerate it

And cause all relations to break

But, I keep hanging in

‘coz I still think

Someday all will be fine

You will love me for real

and keep me near

And say that you are mine

What a day it will be

What happiness

For that I waited all my life

To be hugged and kissed

by calling me your own

And keeping this affection rife

But nothing happens

and I am an still outsider

I am left, all alone

I see from far

and not allowed to enter

I am an entity unknown

All I need is one more chance

To prove my loyalty to you

Not to be misjudged as I always was

Just not to be loved by few

I need people around me

lots of them

Those who can read my heart

And believe in me

for what I am

And never keep me apart

Will my dream be fulfilled?

Will I be accepted?

I can do anything you ask me to

For all I want is inner peace

It’s about time I got my due

So, tell me–

Just what can I do to be loved by you?

Just how do I behave?

Will be shunned like this and hated the most;

Until I reach my grave?

“The WRONG kind of people DISLIKE you for the GOOD in you & the RIGHT kind of people like you knowing the bad in you!”

One thought on “I, AN OUTSIDER

  1. Wow…..Again a MASTERPIECE….!
    Its just gr8…..Your writings are so amazing and
    You try 2 touch the readers heart directly by your poems….
    Hats off 2 u…..!

    Keep writing……!

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