(“Freedom could sometimes be terrible”. All of us has someone in our lives to guide us and support us all the time. These people prepare us to face the world. Most of us live a protected existence for a long time and then are slowly and steadily seasoned to fly freely into this big world. However, sometimes, fate could compel us to be thrown in to the world long before our time. That is when we see the world in its true colors, with its sufferings, hate and sorrow and we feel lost ‘coz we still have a lot to learn. And learn we will. Everybody does…. But lets hope that we have been set free in this world properly seasoned and finally one day when its time for us to let someone go, we have performed our duty well & giving our gift of a freedom to someone better….)

I am a bird in cage

I know not how to fly

Is it my destiny to be imprisoned

and in the same way wither & die?

They love me those who keep me

They shower me with things

They never let me weep

Only caress my lovely wings

I get all the care I want

I seek not anything new

I am taught all about life

and the world covered in morning dew

Sometimes I cry for the sky

To be independent & free

To lead my life & make my way

To build a home on a beautiful tree

Yet I know what they do for me

Is helping me become something

So that when I finally fly into the world

I would be strong from within

I learned to live my life this way

and become dependent on those who cared

I liked to live by the rules set for me

O’ this is how I was reared

I became different from the likes of my own

I became loyal to my master

I wanted to go ahead slow & steady

Not rush or run away faster

But I know not what happened

They wanted to let go of my life

They wanted me to learn my own lessons

To experience my own sorrow & strife

And they opened the cage & set me free

Into the daunting blue skies

Had their love for me dwindled over the years?

There were no emotions in their eyes

My tears had a story to tell

I knew someday I was going to be on my own

But I thought it was still time

O’ when were these seeds of separation sown?

Having being dependent so long

I felt helpless, afraid & meek

From the chirpy fluttery bird that I was;

I went to be downtrodden & weak

To each his own and all alone

we are in this beautiful world, you know

But since childhood, with loved ones

is how we learn to exist & grow

And one day suddenly we have to fly away

& search out for our reasons to live

This wisdom that we accumulate over years

Later to someone else we give

So when its time for you; to set someone else free-

See that he or she has got their voice

‘coz if you let go of someone unprepared in this world

Remember, freedom could be a terrible choice!!!

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