(Pakistani chopper air-lifting all Sri Lankan cricket players to Dubai)

It is the first time in my life, that I saw a terrorist attack scoop on a sports news segment. I pray to God, this is the last time.

The recent attack on the Sri Lankan cricket team in Lahore, Pakistan can’t help but raise some questioning points

1. With 3 similar buses present, how is it that the terrorists knew which bus to target i.e which bus contained the S.L players?

2. Security concerns demand that both the teams leave the hotel at the same time to reach the ground. Yet, why did the Pakistani captain asked his team to leave later? (Was it just a coincidence?)

3. The Sri lankan team bus route was changed at the nth hour just because of an anonymous phone-call to the police. Are the Pakistani policeman really so stupid or gullible?

4. 12 terrorists! Yet, they couldn’t catch or at least injure a single one. Hows that?

5. S.L team was supposed to have Z security (One that is given to the president); yet why were the security measures so lax?

6. According to recent CCTV footage; not even one security personnel was seen pursuing the terrorists and they calmly escaped on motorcycles or walked away. Match referee Chris Broad and others said that it was as if the entire security for us had vanished and we were left vulnerable to the attack.

Now, was this deliberate?


[Keep watching the news to get shocking revelations by S.L players, umpires and match referee. And also, the childish replies of Pakistani officials.]

The S.L team was lucky. Had the hand grenade blasted under their bus, not one player would have escaped alive!

I shudder to think, that if India was touring Pakistan and a similar incident might have occurred; that would have been a devastating day for us. Thank God, the Indian government refused to let the players go. We were openly criticized that we have been mixing cricket with politics. But, in the wake of what happened on March 3rd 2009, I think, that it was a right decision.

This attack cannot be compared with India’s 26/11 because, no country goes on giving Z security to common people and the attack on Mumbai was totally unexpected; while in this case in spite of  Z security to the players, the terrorists managed to injure almost all the top international S.L players. How?

Samaraweera, the hero of the tests in Pakistan was grievously injured. Was he specifically targeted?

Do we have any answers?

Now, terror even rules cricket!

There could be more such questions raised along with more broad ones like—

“When will Pakistan stand up against terrorism?”

But then, its not just Pakistan…its the entire South-east Asia that is being brutally wounded in these terror wars.

And, Why hasn’t America reacted?

However, Pakistan should keep in mind that there is no smoke without fire. Why would the entire world be targeting them? They should reflect upon this. If Pakistan doesn’t want to end up as a quarantine state, this is the final wake up call to them. Its time, they fight against their own personal demons.

Not only Pakistan, I think, each of us, should get together and fight. Love is not the solution! The time has gone to conduct peace talks with terrorists. We have to retaliate.

Why is it that the terrorists kept in prison and not shot dead when it is clear that they have performed such heinous crimes?

Why is Ajmal Kasab still in custody? Why is Abu Salem still in custody? Hell with those guys!

I think, the law in every country should be changed and altered to address terrorism. The terror groups should know that even we mean business now! I know, every criminal has the right to appeal. A right to get a lawyer.

BUT, terrorists should be denied this right. Can you call this person a human being when he doesn’t even value the life of his own countrymen???

They should be shot dead. Hung up before public. They should be fed alive to hungry man-eaters. And this event should be shown live all across the globe, so that others will be dissuaded.

If we have to fight; Enough of being “Gandhi”, its time to be “Bhagat Singh”!

I dedicate this post to the never-dying spirit of cricket and humanity. To all people who have suffered from the hands of this cruel beasts. Bcoz we will rise again as ONE.

3 thoughts on “WAKE UP CALL

  1. Totally True!
    And never wanted to be like Gandhi is any sense! Always respected Bhagat Singh! 🙂

  2. India has never been a Gandhi to start with, and cannot afford to be a Bhagat Singh now.

    “Can you call this person a human being when he doesn’t even value the life of his own countrymen???”
    Yes, I can call this person a human being. Making your enemies appear as monsters is the key to spreading hate in any situation of hostility. The reason these terrorists attack us is that they do not consider us human beings. When we stop thinking of them as humans, not only do we blind ourselves, we become the same as them.

    “And, Why hasn’t America reacted?”
    Because the United States is not our personal bodyguard. In 2001, the Afghanistan invasion was a retaliation against an attack on their soil. In 2003, the Iraq invasion was (at least supposedly), a pre-emptive strike against a perceived nuclear threat. South Asia’s problems are our own. The United States does not want a war just for the heck of it.

    “They should be shot dead. Hung up before public. They should be fed alive to hungry man-eaters. And this event should be shown live all across the globe, so that others will be dissuaded.”
    And this is where we fall from the civil glory of Rome to the savagery of the barbarians. Think of what happened then, one thousand years of squabbles and fights and until the Renaissance. Think of the nations that still use punishments like that; the Sharia law comes to mind. Taliban Government, Saudi Arabia and all the godforsaken African nations embroiled in suffering come to mind. How different do we remain from the Taliban then?

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