(“Unreasonable” is a poem I believe in bcoz I think sometimes when you finally get something you have been always yearning for; you become totally impractical about it. Love is something that should set you free and not something that keeps you chained. Can it still be true love if it keeps hurting you more than keeping you or the other person happy?

Have you ever loved someone so much that you feel you don’t deserve them and they are better off without you?

Yet I know, my love is true but will I get anything by fleeing away from it?

The only person who can answer this question, I dedicate this poem to him……)

Never love someone so much, that you become;

dependent on them…

Never love someone so much, that you are;

a burden for them…

Why don’t you leave me & let me be

and go out from my life

How does it hurt, the way I behave;

like a sharp & pointed knife

I can’t let you go;

can’t let you stay

I cannot follow you;

or make my own way

I am so confused,

Is this what I want?

A kind of insecurity-

my heart does flaunt

I make you do unreasonable things

and those which don’t have a point

I want to make you happy

Yet all I do is disappoint

I trouble you and irritate a lot

I hurt you so much, I swear

All of my childish behavior

Just how do you manage to bear?

Don’t you feel like killing me

and throwing me out forever?

Don’t you feel like hating me

and seeing my face never?

I am pushing you far away

but holding your hand tight

The immense love I have for you

I don’t know whether it’s right?

Is it bad to love you so much?

Is it bad to hold you close?

When I become so possessive about you-

why don’t you just oppose?

All these years I kept everyone away from me

and only allowed “you” near

Of being friends with someone

I always wanted to stay clear

However, you came & taught me to share

To open up like a flower

You taught me to how to trust

and have faith in every hour

And I fell for it and formed a relationship

of many a different name

Kept being selfish

and loving you all the same

Just too much of a good thing

can be bad too; how bad did I get?

Yet you were understanding;

How can I repay your debt?

Why does love makes us impractical?

Why does life becomes a dream?

That which will never be fulfilled

And goes beyond extreme

My unrealistic expectations

might take a toll on you some day

My illogical concerns

might just drive you away

I wish this would have never happened

and we were all alone

Content with keeping people out

and being in the world for our own

Now all you are left with is

my unreasonable affection

And a heart that is chaining you to it

‘coz it is so scared of rejection

Never love someone so much, that you become;

dependent on them…

Never love someone so much, that you are;

a burden for them…

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