(The other day, a pretty butterfly fluttered through the window and landed on my bed. It beat its wings and tried to fly back but I noticed it was wounded. It struggled to live and soar up high but alas, I knew it was going to die. Its agony was impossible to bear and I felt sad that I could do nothing about it. Finally, I knew what to do. I gently picked it up and placed it among the flowers in my garden. I did so, because I thought, anyways it is going to die, then why not let it die among the things it loves. And, what could be more important for a butterfly than flowers?

I think all of us secretly wish that kind of death. To be able to die in the arms of the one we love…..peacefully…. )

What will be the most wanted death?

Wrapped in love and a beautiful wreath

Will you want a silent one to be;

An end to your eternity?

No pain or hurt, just calm and quiet

A death so serene may seem very right

Yet is it the death that we deserve?

All the innocence in us can it preserve?

Until the last when time comes for us to leave

We learn only how to grieve

With years of running away from the ultimate truth

And blatant grasping of the youth

We can’t let go of simple things

Constant thinking, only sorrow brings

We live knowing that one day we die

Still we sorrowfully mourn and cry

Even people who wait for their death

Are indeed scared till their last breath

Wishing to put an end to life

Is just an unwanted strife

We regret about the life we never had

And keep hoping for it so bad

Those little things we fail to see

That give a reason for us to be

We feel remorse for a life less spent

Don’t acknowledge the angel that God has sent

The one, whose love is pure as pure can be

But sometimes from it we try to flee

Our agony so great, we desire to part

And intend to kill our beating heart

But we harbor a fantasy and make a plan

How to say goodbye to the clan

How to become obsolete

And happily accept the final defeat

Do you know what kind of death we want?

The one in our dreams that does haunt

We yearn to die in the arms of the one we love

And close our eyes seeing this one above

Hold hands as if they will never go

A stream of tears from us does flow

But we know now begins a journey new

One that we have heard about but don’t have a clue

A journey that each man must take alone

To a single destination yet unknown

All I have to say is this

This is what we truly miss

A desire of the most beautiful death

Wrapped in love and a flowery wreath

We sink into oblivion with that embrace

Fill the eyes with that one single face

And thus we die with our lips curved into a smile

Defying the death that had been written erstwhile….

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