(Its ironical that I am writing this poem, after a positive feeling like “never-ending love” but I guess, that’s what life is all about. It is a great big irony. Sometimes, the love that grows inside you and the one you think is so deep, at one point of time is as shallow as shallow can be….)

Have I condemned you to live

when all you want is death?

Have I forced you to suffer

for my own pleasure?

Have I chained you

to a life you don’t want?

Have I wounded you

beyond measure?

Have I made you emotional

and weak in heart?

Have I made you

so vulnerable?

Have I messed your plans

and compelled you to be happy?

And made you so unstable?

I wanted my love

to guide you back

And keep all feelings

in you, intact

But I could not beat

the demons you brought from your past

Living each day

hoping it to be your last

My love is tainted

‘coz it gave you false hope

A happiness so vast

that you failed to cope

You still ache

with those memories so old

So many secrets

between us, untold

Even with years of closeness

I could not be

Someone who will wipe

all your pain

Your hurt’s so deep

Your sorrow so endless

That all my efforts

have gone in vain

I could not give you

a reason to laugh

or a reason for you to smile

I could not give you

a reason to be important

As you have become

for me, in a while

Neither could I give you

a reason to forget

nor a reason for you, to leave

A reason to look forward

to the future

Or a reason, to believe

And now my love

is a burden for you

It won’t let you live

It won’t let you die

From outside,

its as perfect as can be

Yet in true form

All it does, is make you cry…..

2 thoughts on “LOVE THAT FAILED…

  1. wow…..u r back wit a bang……!
    i loved it… actually brought tears 2 my eyes….!
    way 2 go girl……..

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