( Sometimes, we share a relationship that can never be explained. The emotions associated with it are unparallel and the attachment, unbreakable. So beautiful and significant is this relationship that it does not exist because of life; rather, the life exists because of this relationship…. For the most special person in my life, a poem that will remain unforgotten…)

Do we know each other from our last birth?

Have we ever lived long ago on this Earth?

Why is so familiar, your every thing?

I know you from before, a bell does ring.

I have heard your voice;

I could recognize it anywhere

Your face has haunted my dreams

I know you well, I swear

The sound of your laughter has filled my ears

Its as if I know you from years and years

In grief & sorrow, your shoulder I seek

To derive support & lean on when my strength is weak

To see you suffering, is my worst fear

And your every achievement for me, is dear

In your eyes, pure truthfulness, do I see

At this moment we are meant to be

Forever & ever, all emotions will last

From ages & aeons, this relationship’s been cast

Time will pass & centuries unfold

Our story will linger, surpassing the heat & cold

Names might be forgotten, but presence will live

Of this attachment, a proof it will give

Through re-births & re-incarnations & blessings from above;

A tale will be told of our “never-ending love”……

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