Being the grand-daughter of a political leader, politics has been a fairly discussed word at home. However, after grandpa, no one in the family turned to politics.

While growing up, I never had any political ambitions and I detested the way politics has been in India and anywhere else in the world for that matter.

The never-ending corruption of the political leaders, their false promises, incomplete knowledge and open disregard for the constitution and law has always been abominable for me.

So much so, that even 3 years after turing 18, I still have to cast a vote….

In the wake of recent Mumbai terrorist attack, I however, feel very ashamed.

What right do I have to critisize the leaders when I myself have failed to perform my duty as the citizen of India.

In failing to vote, incompetent leadres have been gaining ground.

While my one single vote is very insignificant, it still can make a difference if combined with several other “single” votes.

How come none of us thought about it???

I think its high time to wake up and watch where we are heading to.

All of us are special and can certainly make a significant difference.

I, YOU and WE.

I recently registered on the website Jaagore. It is a really cool one, explaining about voting myths and registering Indians as electoral candidates.Its easy and essential.

Imagine, our ONE vote turning things over…..


All of us are so cynical.

We want things to change but don’t want to do anything about it.

Its easy to say, India is in dumps, there is nothing left in this country and fly away abroad. But no one wants to do something about it. No one wants to dirty their hands in picking up this garbage.

Are we a good citizen of India???

I know, I am NOT.

But I know one more thing. And that is, I CAN CHANGE. I WILL CHANGE.

Because I have realized, you first need to change yourself to change others.

Once I modify my outlook, I can modify that of others too. They  in turn can alter the outlook of million others.

Once you accept the reality, it automatically becomes easy to adapt to it….learn from it……grow from it….

Who knows, there are competent leaders hidden within us. Together we can make sure that this country gets its due. India has the capability to become a super-power and we can help it to reach that pinnacle.

When are YOU going to change?

When are YOU going to make a difference?

When are YOU really going to be an Indian?

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