The more I try to run from you,

The more I end up near.

I try to get back to what I was,

But experience a deep rooted fear.

I am hating you at this moment.

It seems that I don’t have a choice.

I wish I could tell you, this isn’t me.

But I guess, I have lost my voice.

Do you also hate me, I don’t know.

I wish I could just cry.

I am pushing you far away from me.

Without ever giving it a try.

I am telling, that I am angry with you.

But you know the truth, I know.

You can see how much I love you;

Even if I fail to show.

If I behave with you as before;

Would you still find some fault?

I wish this is a nightmare.

That soon comes to a halt.

I want to smile & laugh with you.

I want to be your little kid.

To tell you the serious things that troubled me;

And all the funny ones I did.

So many days have passed & I am tired;

Of keeping you out of my life.

Hiding all my happiness from you;

And masking all my strife.

I am fed up of pretending like this.

Will you accept me as I was?

Can we continue from where we stopped?

It has been a long pause.

Hey, you didn’t like the way I am.

Hence, I tried to change.

Still you are unhappy about it!

That seems so very strange.

Your words always said;

That I mean a lot to you.

But it didn’t show in action.

Were you being untrue?

I didn’t know our relationship;

Will reach such a weird stage-

That I have to act not in the way I want.

But according to my age!

So, I became a new person.

Now, what do you really miss?

If growing up means,

to get detached from you.

Then why aren’t you content with this?

I thought we were friends forever.

And were always meant to be so.

But you stopped being the person.

I once knew long ago.

OK. Next time you tell me what to do.

Shall we sign a pact?

Don’t criticize me so often.

My love won’t remain intact.

Stop it. I have had enough of this.

It hurts & I am in pain.

Am I good enough for you now?

Or have I tried & tried in vain?

I promise I won’t be childish.

Tell me what rules to obey.

I will try to follow your guidelines.

And listen to what you say.

All this is not a mood swing.

Or some excuse new.

I am just trying to improve myself;

So I could be loved by you!!!

3 thoughts on “I’VE CHANGED FOR YOU

  1. Again an awesome post……….!
    it so much relates to any individual….
    i just loved it….

  2. good one….d poem is very systematic, following a fixed rhyme scheme…and emotions are portrayed beautifully and in a very simple way which is , according to me, the best quality of this poem….

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