I wish I had a magic wand

I would give it a flick

To make your pain disappear

All your sorrows gone in a click

I would take up all your hurt

And love to cry your tears

Live through your sadness

And take care of your fears

Then I would sprinkle some joy

Fill laughter in your soul

Add a dash of happiness

With love make your life whole

A little bit of care

A place in my heart

For you to live forever

’cause we could never live apart…

(“Magic wand” is a short poem and most of you might find it very ordinary. But, it is everything except that. Sometimes even a few words are enough to convey larger meanings. Some associations are so dear that emotions attached with them are surprisingly simple albeit with a more complex background. “Magic wand” is indeed very special….)

3 thoughts on “MAGIC WAND

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