(Articles on Terroris: My own, Dance of terror on November 25th last year and the recent one I came across

on Ninad Bhangle’s blog, We seek Peace )

Being an Indian, terrorism is nothing new to us. Every single day, we witness the violence in Kashmir. Every month, we hear of bomb blasts either in Bangalore or Mumbai or Delhi or Ahmedabad or some metropoiltan city. It has become such a common place thing.

We witness the ripped out bodies, the pools of blood, the charred remains of people and vehicles; broken homes, wailing loved ones, lost hope, undying spirit…

We witness the gunned down terrorists, the captured ones, the ones running scott free after a disappointing court trial….

We only witness….

But nothing ever prepared us for the cruel attack of terrorists in Mumbai on November 26th 2008!

Compared to what has happened recently, I think, bomb blasts were easier to cope with. After the initial trauma, we have been left to deal with clearing of the mess, helping out the injured, supporting the victims families, nabbing the accused…….we have seen a fresh morning.

We have NEVER witnessed an ONGOING terror attack……until NOW…..

WE CRY RIVERS OF BLOOD, for people at

……CST railway station

……Cafe Leopold

……Cama hospital

……Metro Cinema

……Hotel Taj

……Hotel Oberoi

……Hotel Trident

……Nariman House

and other such places in South Mumbai.

There are thousands of sources that will provide you the entire information about the terror attacks.

But is knowing enough???

Have you seen the terrorists who have been shot dead and caught……they are mere teenagers! What kind of hatred are they holding in their hearts to commit such atrocious acts of inhumanity? What religion compels them to take such extreme steps of terrorism? What exactly is their jehad ?

NO. I don’t think, terrorists have a religion.

NO. I don’t think, they follow a God.

NO. I don’t think, they even have hearts.

They are machines.

They are made up of immense fanatical hatred; that which has no boundaries.

We see brave cops laying down their life for common people. Common people still held hostages. Amidst the chaos, we see the vulnerable human life fighting against these inhuman beasts.


…..all foreingners who came to enjoy a holiday

…..commuters who died at the railway station

……hotel guests

……families of dead cops, hotel staff

and all those who were affected.

It is easy to deal with criminals who have demands. Demands of a ransom, of release of some fellow prisoner, of ammunition, of any thing in particular.

But, how the hell, do you deal with people, who’s only intention is to terrorize, to kill without reason, to injure without an aim, to just create fear.

People? Can you even call them people? They don’t even deserve to be called as animals….


What can be worst?

Yet the spirit of the people is undying.

The love for fellow-beings in us eternal.

Not only the commandos but even ordinary human beings have been working ceaselessly throughout the night. They are donating blood where needed.

Every single human soul is making at least a tiny contribution to ease the pain.

Even as I write this, do you know, what video is being viewed constantly on Youtube? The CNN Irony! Check this out!

Even in a grave situation like this, it sure feels funny.

What we need, is not ignorance.

We need support.

People all over the world are pitching in their help.

It doesn’t matter where in the world you are.

You do not need to contribute your money or donate blood or be here in person to make a difference.

Just do ONE thing.

Do not shy away from the television reports and sympathize.

Instead Empathize and PRAY.

PRAY for the brave souls of Mumbai.

PRAY for India.

For what can deafeat terrorism is not ammunition and hatred;

But unconditional LOVE, undying HOPE and oodles of FAITH!!!

(I dedicate this post to people all around the world who have faced terrorism. The fact that you acknowledged the presence of terrorism in your lives and fought it in your own speical way, makes you victorious. Together we can make a difference. And we will. May God bless the departed souls and give the remaining ones courage to move ahead….Amen)


  1. I pray for the victims and for everyone. What an awful event. Sorry to hear this happened to anyone. The manner of attack was truly despicable and this type of attack can’t be condoned by any sane individual.

  2. “NO. I don’t think, terrorists have a religion.
    NO. I don’t think, they follow a God.
    NO. I don’t think, they even have hearts.
    They are machines.
    They are made up of immense fanatical hatred; that which has no boundaries.”

    I cannot believe that any sensible terrorist attack can be mounted without an undying love of God, of personal religion and of heart. Nobody takes AK-47s, grenades, boats, and all the other equipment merely for anarchy’s sake. There’s other ways to be savage, to hate.

    Perhaps they don’t believe in the same God you do, and not in the same WAY you do. They are undoubtedly men with religion in the hearts, with an unrequited devotion to what they believe is their God. This is their way of justice, their sense of justice and in their minds, a noble and glorious war.

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