Have you ever seen a Hindu wedding? It symbolizes sanctity, beauty and the most correct following of rites and rituals. It is grand. It is royal. It is everything what a young bride and groom hope for.

There are several customs and traditions. Several ceremonies that run parallel to the grand event. Each one more memorable than the last.

For nearly a month I was involved with the wedding preparations of my best friend. Last one week was total fun. I enjoyed a lot helping out, taking part in the various ceremonies and trying my best to keep my friend happy until she begins a new phase in her life.

There is an unique characteristic of such weddings, at the end of the day, the bride cries, her family cries…..It is always sad to leave one’s home and settle elsewhere. To begin a new life, with a new person, with a new family.

I have never cried at weddings. I had always found it to be stupid. Or perhaps, I have never been close to someone enough, to miss them or care for them.

However, I did not realize but tears did sprang up in my eyes while saying goodbye to my friend. I felt silly. My friend is going to remain in the same town but just at a different house. She will carry with her the same phone number.Still, I did feel sad.

I don’t why she cried either. It is the same with her. Though, she won’t live with parents anymore, she will be just minutes away from their home. That house will welcome her anytime she wants.

Then why did she cry? Why did I cry?

Does a bride really cry because she won’t stay with her parents.

I don’t think so.

What is intimidating is that it is the beginning of a completely new life. More so for a girl.

She is the one who is going to leave her parent’s place and move elsewhere.

What made me cry is the same thing?

In a few years time, I will too begin a different life.

And now I know, I will cry a lot.

Not that I am not not used to staying away from my family. I have done that many times. But I did not realize earlier that what is actually means.

It means changing your priorities.

All those people, you thought to be the most important ones, will be given the second position. Your husband, will be your top priority.

All those people who were your family, will have less right on you and your life will have a new meaning.

What hurts is the fact of pushing your own people away from you and embracing total strangers.

For a girl, that is such a major thing to do.

Few years, down the line, a new family life begins. A phase of more responsibilities and commitments.


Sometimes, I don’t understand, what is more dear?

The first years of life when you are young, carefree, innocent and without any responsibilities.

Or the later years of maturity.

For a boy, maturity means to turn into a man.

But a girl, becomes a daughter first, then a sister, a wife and finally a mother……and that’s what she remains all her life……without any second identity…..

A wedding, is fun but at the same time, it s when a girl is born again with a different identity….

And one never knows, that the tears a girl sheds are the sad ones or the happy ones….

Or whether, the most beautiful thing in life is the one in which aeons of happiness is mixed with tons of grief!!!

2 thoughts on “A GIRL’S WEDDING

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  2. you and i should be friends! your blogs are as deep as my mind,and i totally relate to the stufff you write.God bless you,and i look forward to read more of your blogs

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