My happiness is always a strange question.

There can’t be a better confusion.

I want to tell thee,

What my thoughts mean,

Where will I be tomorrow.

And where I had been.

I was praying for you;

And you never knew.

You came into my life,

Like the morning dew.

I was groping in the darkness,

When suddenly there was light.

You gave me your eyes,

When I had lost my sight.

Sometimes, I wonder…..

What our destinies behold?

But then, from the ordinary earth

Great sculptures do mold.

Let us shape them such-

that our lives are entwined

Two lovely souls but one single mind!!!

2 thoughts on “TWO SOULS, ONE MIND

  1. first up, WOW!!! i mean i knew you write, but never thought you would go this big and be so serious about it!!
    About the site:
    very descriptive, easy to navigate, cannot better it.
    About the poem:
    your poems have always been great, not just in English but Marathi too, you should figure out a way to cater to your Marathi Poem fans. May be put up a regional tab where you upload poems in language other than English. Well, specifically about this one, the only thing i have to say is, i got a feeling that the poem was being developed, the idea just started to flow smoothly and suddenly it ended.
    could you have a request tab/suggestion box, where people come in and request the topic they would love to see you write on sometime in the future, or may be it doesn’t work that way, you write what you feel. I get it, i just thought of mentioning that point.

    alrite, later …

  2. awesome… i can not even think that someone may write so well… veru nicely written… i am moved….it is such a lovely poem.. i cant even express in words.. i m speechless

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