Be proud to call yourself an “educated unemployed”!

Thanks to the stock market crash, many people all over the world are finding themselves to be a part of this category.

And fresh graduates like us, unable to find the work we desire and dream off.

Everyday we hear news of job lay-offs and get glad that we aren’t employed as yet.

But sometimes the depression comes wrapping us in darkness.

It is really funny, to study so much, spend a fortune on courses and ultimately getting nothing in return except disappointments.

Are the companies to be blamed? Or someone else?

Even funnier are the excuses?

Companies demand experienced candidates. Freshers get snubbed.

I don’t understand, how in the world, will you get experience until you a get a break?

Few days back, I saw a news item on TV regarding terrorists.

If you keep up with the news you will know that most of the young guys involved in bomb blasts are highly educated ones ranging from doctors, engineers to software professionals coming from highly respectable families.

What makes them undertake a life of crime?

Can you believe this? But, they actually get paid in form of salaries.

Their salary is upto 14 lakhs per month (i.e1.4 million)

In India, you get salaries like this annually. While the average middle class man earns less than half of this amount annually.

Are we ourselves driving the youth towards such a life of crime and terrorism???

No wonder the youth gets drawn towards illegal stuff, murder and suicide in extreme cases.

What about those who have a huge family to support and countless mouths to feed?

When are we going to wake up to provide the youth a secure future?

Or are we going to resign them to a life of despair?

Are we just going to keep the tagging with the sign “JOBLESS”?

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