“Memory Lane” has always been a very special poem for me. It traces happy memories and cheers me up when I am down. Simply because, it reminds me, people don’t go away from our lives just because they are far away, they keep coming back through old memories of both pleasure and pain.

Over and over again when we embark our journey of the memory lane, we realize these moments can never be repeated; they shall always remain special. However, that doesn’t stop us from forming new memories…does it???



Down the memory lane,

I remember, the time we spent

The silent words,

The talkative expressions,

Of moments that have come and went.

Even if it has been a long time,

The picture seems so clear.

The soft laughter of joy

And even the unshed tear.

How much ever I try,

The memories don’t fade.

In my heart they are etched,

On a flowery bed they are laid.

Somehow, your voice is with me;

At all the times I am there.

Distances don’t matter,

With so much love and care.

Come once again

And let us trace, what happened before.

So much left to discover,

There is just so much more.

Maybe, it won’t be as beautiful,

As earlier it was.

Not the same excitement

Or the same cause.

But, still with your presence,

New memories will be born.

And, I will be truly happy;

Not lonely or forlorn.

There might be unexpected

And some new things to see.

Once in a while, I guess,

Together we are meant to be.

So yet another avenue,

On this memory lane.

Of strange but real happenings,

And of attahcments you can’t explain!!!

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