All those who listen to Westlife might know of their popular song, “I have a dream….”

Sometimes I wonder whether life is really as positive and as colorful as described in the song. Do our beliefs really have the potential to conquer any damn thing in this world? Is life really as easy as this….that we get anything that we wish for….that all are dreams are born to be fulfilled….that all desires that originate in our hearts set to reach their destination…

I used to think, all dreams get fulfilled. But its not so. Some remain buried in the heart forever….not to be forgotten but to remind us that at some point of the time when we had the control of our life, we never took it. We let ourselves to be carried away with the flow and now we look back and regret that life is not what we wanted it to be!!!

What remains back are shadows of the past that keep on haunting…

If you have the strength to fight back, perhaps its never too late. Now may be the time to get up and set things right. What never manifested when there was a time for it, perhaps can return on different time-lines. There was afterall, never a WRONG time to do the RIGHT thing!

It’s how we feel within ourselves—-

I HAVE a dream   OR

I HAD a dream

2 thoughts on “I HAVE / HAD A DREAM

  1. I think life is whatever we choose to make it given whatever our circumstances are.

    We can choose to make the best of what we have to work with, or we can choose to be bitter.

    I believe most of us live our lives on the middle of one side or another, sort of like sitting on a log. We lean to one side or the other, but we manage to stay on.

  2. I feel Life is journey we came in this world with specific purpose to meet supreme soul& experience love ,peace ,humanity when we cum in this world as child we have less any wants, needs,goals so enjoying the childhood.as we grow wants goals ambitions grow when that not fulfilled we regreat about life. We involed in materialistic world so much that we forgot aim of life love humanity. We get so self centric that we think only about us. lose true essance of life. In this lifes journey success as well as defets are designed or planned by superme power for sum sort experience.when we came in world we dnt had anything while going we wil dnt hav anything. In this world nuthing is yours no reason to regret .if u able enjoy everything in front of your way as experience (lesson) definately at end of life no regrets.

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