They say, with passing time, you get used to all sorts of things. How wrong. There’s one thing, you could never get habituated to— DEATH! Death of a loved one!

What could be worse a pain? A pain of losing a parent, a pain of losing a child, a pain of losing a sibling, a pain of losing a friend, a pain of losing anyone whom you have loved and cherished in life.

Life is never easy. It puts us through all sorts of exams and tests before and teaches us the lesson afterwards. But above all, life is unpredictable. You never know what turn it will take. You never know how fast or slow it will move. You never know what it will unfold in front of you.

The moment you begin to think, everything’s fine, something happens. Suddenly, from a perfect picture you are thrown in a bleak and gloomy one.

If you have lost someone dear, you’ll know what it means. How tears never cease and sorrow never diminishes. How nights suddenly seem longer and sleep so elusive. How the love in you is waiting to pour out, yet the hate in you gradually builds up.

For just once I wish, I could understand, how the mind of death works…..

Why do people whom we love the most are taken away quickly?

Why is it that bad people who do all sorts of wrong live a long and healthy life while the good ones pass away?

Even if these questions are answered, the unpredictability and unexpectability of life will not stop to exist.

We take everything so much for granted. We hurt our own people, behave as we like, simply because we know there will be a tomorrow.

But the truth is, theres never a tomorrow, theres only a today.

If you want to say Sorry, say it today.

If you want to say I love you, say it today.

If you want to set something right, do it today.

For tomorrow, may never dawn in your life or someone else’s life.

Now is the time. This is the time that is true. Rest all is just an illusion.

Death isn’t the culprit. The culprit is our own thoughts. Our attachments. Our relationships.

In reality no one is to blame. For if we have the right to enjoy the greatest joy in the world, we have the obligation to go through the greatest sorrow of all times.

Its surprising, how quickly we get over it, later on. We continue our normal life. That doesn’t mean, our love for someone was mediocre. Its just that, we realize, we still have a life to live. Our work on this earth is still not over. And until we ourselves leave this realm, we have to move on.

After all, you get used to live without people. Maybe, you won’t get over with the happening of the death, but you can live without the person.

You know, what is more difficult.

What is difficult is, To laugh without people in life…

To be happy without people in life…

To form memories without people in life…

Because, at the end of the day, that’s what remains—MEMORIES.

Sometime when you are alone, this collection of memories is all that you have to cherish and remember people as they were AND it is accompanied with the hurt that the person who helped you form those memories will never help you form a bunch of other ones…

With this post I salute the human spirit in us that makes us strong that we are able to bear the loss of near and dear ones. I dedicate this post to all those of you, who have lost a many. Life is not immortal but memories are. And after all, death is the only certainty of life. May your memories help in filling out the void created by the people who left you and are gone forever.

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