There are people,

who just walk away.

Leaving behind a single hope,

that they may come back.

To renew a forgotten relationship.

To rebuild a lost trust.

To re-enact every moment shared.

To recall every thing cared.

Times when they wiped

your every tear.

Times when they banished

your every fear.

Destiny might not re-acquaint us to them.

Fate might not bring them back.

But they have left footprints in your heart,

which will never fade…

They are making their presence felt,

through every CHANGE they brought in you.

People- who disappear suddenly

And your life NEVER remains the same…

Just let them go.

Your prayer has been answered.

There are many more races to run.

Your need has been met.

Your desire fulfilled.

And there might be others waiting to come.

Some people who come in life,

FOR a particular REASON

They love you, help you & care for you;

But last,

Only for a SEASON!!!

3 thoughts on “A REASON FOR A SEASON

  1. Hi Sonu,
    u r fantastic. ur post on death being the only certainty of life was very true. it seems sometimes so funny that wen those people are around, we build our world around them and think we dont exist widout them. but wen they r gone, we still exist, and even find new pillars to keep our world going. And speaking of this post, u spoke my mind b4 i did!!!! it seems reassuring that there r people out there who think n feel alike. keep posting.

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