No one really thought that the IPL was going to make it that big. Agreed, there was a hell lot of money involved….agreed, there were the best players in the world competing out there…..agreed, twenty20 form of the game had turned super-popular.

There were a lot of reasons. But reasons never calculated the amount of popularity that accompanied the game. For nearly one and the half months, the only pass time of cricket fanatics like me has been spending all evenings glued to the TV set. From scantily clad cheerleaders to the chocolate boy hosts….from expert commentators to VIP team owners….IPL was an entire package of entertainment, fun, game and achievements.

8 teams, 1 goal. Winning the coveted IPL trophy. There were a lot of speculations on who was going to win. All sorts of teams were stripped and analysed. The ones with hi-fi players were deemed as Gods. Betting was high. Players with a great reputation were expected to be the leaders of the pack.

Instead, something else happened! Local talent pool was discovered. Players with no experience and proper training, those who didn’t even have a place in the national team turned out to be the best.

Teams who were the under-dogs went to surprise all. One such team was the Rajasthan Royals.

They were considered the weakest team of the tournament. Yet they won 14 matches out of 16 and finally secured the IPL trophy.  Shane Warne proved to be an excellent captain and he conditioned the players to give their best. Their “NEVER SAY DIE” attitude didn’t let them down. Simple, never before heard players shone like stars…. Hats off to you Shane!

So, overall, IPL was a great SUCCESS!

Its going to be missed by cricket buffs like me. Twenty20 has proved itself worthy of the cricketing honors.

Until next April now, lets wait for another dose of non-stop entertainment.


1) Big names do not necessarily work all the time.

2) Diamonds are found in the coal mine.

3) Money talks.

4) Motivation achieves greatness.

5) You have the right to EXPECT only if you DELIVER.

6) Believe in Yourself

7) Change is mandatory and most of the times, its always for the better.

8) The best way to get famous is to give people what they want.

9) Even the best players buckle under pressure.

10) One who keeps his nerve even in difficult times, knows no fear.

So, till the next tournament, enjoy the other forms of the game.



  1. In my view, just as Rajasthan Royals the underdogs did so well, one day 20/20 will be more the rule than the exception- to become famous, give people what they want. That’s plain common sense anyway.

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