For two people in love, recently married, “family planning” becomes an essential norm. They, invariably think that having children would be like the ultimate fruit of their everlasting love.  A woman longs to be a mother. A man longs to be a father. Every person cherishes the dream of re-visiting his/her childhood through their children. The joy of holding someone who is a part of your own body, is amazing. We long to fulfill our dreams through our children. We long to teach them, guide them, protect them and give them love that is thoroughly unconditional. We care for them, just because they are our own kids. It doesn’t matter what their color is, how smart they are……we love them despite their handicap, their failures. It is a love so pure and innocent that with passing time, it just gets stronger. We recollect our childhood. Long to be good parents. Give our children everything that we never got when we were young.

Yet, with so much love around, there are black shadows of sorrow scattered everywhere. Have you ever been to an orphanage? Have you ever seen kids pining for love or at least some attention? Have you ever read the deep hurt behind their mysterious smiles? Have you ever experienced the hunger for love in their melancholy eyes?

Millions of children in the world have no one to call their own. Most of them are street urchins, begging on roads, living a dirty life; with no education, destined to take up crime and thus, make a mess of their lives.

Some lucky ones, find themselves in the orphanages. They get all basic amenities of food, clothing and shelter but seldom do they get the required love.  Some are thrown away because they are mentally / physically deficient, some are thrown away simply because they are unwanted, some are there who  genuinely do not have a family. There are all sorts of kids with  different different pasts; with a story more sad than the previous one.

Does ADOPTION mean anything to you?

Many childless couples cry over their unborn children. They need someone to shower their love and care upon; to scold and get angry; to give them all the happiness in the world….

But how many of these couples actually think about adoption as an option???

They will try every other possible thing. They will consult the best doctors in the country, go in for the most expensive tests, become religious all of a sudden and find a thousand different ways. Search for a surrogate parent or ultimately go for in-vitro fertilization. Lots of money and loads of patience are finally going to yield results.

But how many of these couples actually think about ADOPTION as an option?

Zero. Zilch.

Everybody want theirs kid to be their own. Their own blood running through its veins. Their own genes manifesting in them. Naaah…adoption would NOT be a choice. You wouldn’t know what family the adopted kid may come from. What caste is he from? What blood does he hold? NO. Adoption was never a choice and it will never be.

NOW. Answer honestly and answer true…..

Why so much fuss about a blood relationship? Is LOVE such a weak phenomenon that it recognizes only genes and nothing else?

Why do we forget that the relationship through which we were born, was never a blood tie?

A relationship our parents shared. They never shared the same blood and genes. Yet, you see, how much love they hold for each other.

Love is about genes and blood ties BUT love is beyond that too. Love is caring for someone so much that it doesn’t have any boundaries. Love is a an emotion so powerful that it gives us the strength to live our own life.

I do not say that one shouldn’t have their own kids. Its the natural way of things. Its but obvious that you’ll try to find ways of having a baby. Science has reached great heights and its very easy to achieve all that you wish for.

However, just once, if its possible for you, think of adoption as an option. Think of all those kids who never get parental love. Think how you’ll feel without your parents. Think how you might have felt if you have lost a parent early in your life. Just think. Give a home to someone. There isn’t anything better you can do for someone. HOME. A place to call their own. The feeling of belongingness.

By adopting you aren’t just doing good to that kid or to yourself; you are doing good to this world. There are things in this world more important than your desires. You’ll be surprised how much happiness you can get with making someone else happy. Take someone home!

Always remember, everyone is capable of loving any person in this world because love knows no origins. Love is a solemn circle…

3 thoughts on “TAKE ME HOME

  1. one does wonder, why we need to spend millions of rupees to overcome infertility when there are millions of children waiting for love to come their way… in fact, i personally do not believe in the theory that blood is thicker than water. i have friends would give their life up for me and I would do the same. however, i dont feel the same connect with my relatives. how many blood parents are left neglected by their ‘pure blood’ children in old age homes?
    the strength of a relationship depends on the values with which you nurture it and not blood.
    a nice piece… really…

  2. “everyone is capable of loving any person in this world because love knows no origins. Love is a solemn circle…”
    I love it.. absolutely true.. 😉
    “Happy is the man that findeth wisdom, and the man that getteth understanding.”
    Proverbs 3:13

  3. Nice post. Makes one think. I feel following are the reason why people hesitate to go for adoption –
    1. If the children are of age 6 and above, then they would know that the parents who have adopted him are not his real parents. So he may not bond well with the family. He may also feel that the parents are not treating him well because he his not their own son.
    2. The relatives/society always treats the adopted childern in a different way.

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