Hold on to me
as tight as you can
I am afraid
I shall vanish away
breaking all promises
of being forever
Perhaps, I shall never again
cross your way…

But I will leave traces of me
You will find everywhere
a part of me will be with u
I will be the one who wakes u in the morning
with me your every day would be new.

All day I would be in your thoughts
in the good and the bad
I will stay in your mind, in your heart
I will share your problems,I will live your joys
By me your sorrow will be bought.

If u cry, I shall weep for u
I will get hurt with your smallest of pain
Your every failure would be a wound for me
I shall stand by you in both sunshine and in rain.

I wont judge you
I wont condemn you
You will never feel uncomfortable with me
I will trust you
and ask nothing in return
I will be as unconditional as I can be.

At the end of the day
I shall wish u good night
and in your dreams for you I shall care
As a person I may be ordinary enough
but my love for you is rare !


One thought on “RARE

  1. it is an awesome poem. it is so unconditional and describes love it its purest form of givin, irrespective what the relationship would be. i really wish people to follow such feeling of love.

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