Sometimes, the words I say-

would hurt you deeply I know.

Sometimes, my face would only-

distrust and anger show.

But then, look into my eyes,

They highlight my sincere ways.

They would remind you,

Of some warm and sunnier days!


Sometimes, in a fit of fury,

an unworthy tantrum I may throw.

I may act childish and

never want to grow.

But then, listen when I am silent.

Don’t see but only feel.

Maybe my goodness and love,

is hidden behind a veil!


Sometimes, I may be cruel;

I may be very bad.

Sometimes, the way I behave

would make you very sad.

But when you hear me grumble

and when you hear me moan,

Don’t hear my rude voice,

Just concentrate on my tone!


Sometimes, I may be,

a good-for-nothing child.

I may be disobedient;

I may be very wild.

But then, do shelter my confidence.

Don’t let my emotions rust.

Just tell me that you understand;

Just tell me that you trust!


Sometimes, I may be confused.

I may be frustrated and hurt.

In all my replies, I may be,

very much rude and curt.

But don’t react when I am ungracious,

even for a fraction.

Why judge me by my attitude?

Just judge me by my action!!!

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