MEMORIES are the threads that connect us to the lost moments that were once our own. In a world, where nothing’s permanent, even time eludes us and leaves us alone to fend for ourselves. We let go of people, of near and dear ones, of our egos and inhibitions. But, one thing doesn’t leave us alone. It fills the void within us, with bitter and sweet moments. To make us laugh over the silly things about which we fretted and fumed and cry over pleasant ones that will never come again. 


To the most beautiful creation of God, to Memories………..

 Each moment of the year

has its own beauty….

A picture which was never seen before

and which shall be never seen again….


’cause circumstances change…

relationships change…

people’s attitudes change…

but memories are never washed away….


Time can hold us

and carry us forward

towards destinations….

But it can never hold back our emotions,

It can only witness our faith,

but never conquer it….


We may not be immortal,

but memories are…

Any force in the world,

cannot deter them…

Not we, but those ideas,

those memories,

will live till ETERNITY……. 

One thought on “MEMORIES

  1. Beautiful sonali…..amazing….seriously memories immortal well said….it is upto us how we hold them….it is upto us if we cling to them and spoil today or just let them go and be past…i think the best way to handle them is to follow the poer of now and live for the moment as it will never come back

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