More than a month back, this picture was different. The Australians were jumping with joy. India had lost the test series. It was a big blow. It’s very difficult to accept things when you clearly know that you have been treated unfairly and you had to win. Thats what happened. Disappointment was clearly written on faces of the Indian players.

But they kept quiet. They tried to bury all the past grudges and began new. A new series. A new beginning.


The Commonwealth bank series was one of the longest cricketing series of all times consisting of just 3 teams, yet a total of 14 games were played. It lasted a little over one month. And every new match was as exciting as its previous one.

In a crucial game against Sri Lanka, India won very convincingly and that paved their way into the final.  

And thus, the battle began……. 


Australian media continued to put Indians in a bad light. Harbhajan was needlessly targeted. Then it was Ishant Sharma’s turn. When the Aussies began understanding that sledging on the field is no longer worrying the Indians but instead aggravating them, they began to pass comments and print baseless stories in the newspapers.

India, howeverr did not falter. It got support from all over the world. And kept playing the game in the true spirit.


Finally, after 23 years, India won in Australia, captured the tri-series cup…..

Each young team member gave his best. Ishant Sharma and Praveen Kumar showed their talent as dependable fast bowlers. Irrfan Pathan didn’t let the team down when needed. Gautam Gambhir batted like a true star. Harbhajan, unruffled, did what he was meant to (taking wickets of Symonds and Hayden :D)! Rohit Sharma showed tremendous promise as an upcoming batsman. Every youngie showcased his mettle. AND Dhoni, whatever weird decisions he might have taken earlier, proved  that INDIANS ARE THE BEST!

To win against a side which is the world’s best, not only in the game but also in sledging, is not an easy job. What the Indians endured in last 2 and the half months, was not less than “sport-racism”. Now, this mental ordeal of going through wrong umpiring decisions, baseless media accusations and constant on-field bickering has finally come to an end.

And, Indians have emerged victorious!!!


We all can learn a lot from this entire “India tour of Australia”. You need not understand the rules of the game.You just need to focus on basic facts.

Lessons to learn:


Lesson that HARBHAJAN taught….

“Life is unfair. You’ll be let down many times by it. No one will listen to you. You’ll be targeted again and again. People will call you names and your every action will be scrutinized. BUT, never forget, your capabilities can help you to overcome any difficulties. No matter what, always stand by your ground. Never bow down. If you know, you haven’t done anything wrong, stick to it.”


Lesson that ISHANT taught….

“Over-smart people always dominate. They will not respect you if your young. They will underestimate your talents. They will abuse you and try and put you down. BUT, remember, age has got nothing to do with talent. Be fearless. And at the same time, don’t let the success go into your head.”


Lesson that DHONI taught….

“Strong people will push the weak ones down. When you lead, there will be tremendous pressure to do better. With responsibilty comes hardships. Critics will be in plenty than well-wishers. BUT, never forget, fortune favors the brave. Never be ashamed to accept your mistakes. Apologise whenever necessary. Take risks. Without risk, there is no chance of any success. As a leader, support those under your command. Let them do something for you not out of fear but love.”


Lesson that SACHIN taught….

“A seasoned and experienced person knows that barking dogs seldom bite. Actions speak more than words. So let others speak. You know what to do. Be humble. Respect others (even someone who humiliates you). Respect yourself too. Understand you are not a machine. Failures are a part and parcel of life. They are also a stepping stone to achievements. Losses will come. Your only job is to give your 100%. Once you know, you have given your best, stay rest assured, you’ll get the fruits of your labour.” 


AND, in the end

Lesson that from AUSSIES we learnt….

“It’s very easy to look down from the top and make fun of the ones on the ground. Its equally difficult to help the less-fortunate ones to come up. Aggression is required in some walks of life. But, don’t let it become a habit. Humitlity is the greatest virtue. Cultivate it within one self. Always keep on striving to do better. Help the weak ones and share your expertise. Never inflate your head with the glorious past. Otherwise one day you’ll learn very badly that PRIDE always has a DOWNFALL!”


 Was it just CRICKET, OR Was it a game of LIFE??? 😉

2 thoughts on “LESSONS FROM THE GAME

  1. I think this is your finest piece yet. This is writing that is beyond good! If any professional sports writers read this entry they will be more than a little envious!

  2. Lesson that HARBHAJAN taught…
    Truth is your greatest weapon.

    Lesson that ISHANT taught…
    Age is no bar…

    Lesson that from AUSSIES we learnt…
    Just because u are successful, doesn’t mean u r not human!

    i hv only summarized yr posts in a sentence where ever i cud think of a simple sentence..

    nice post…

    keep writing..

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