Many a times,we feel that we are very strong. We are so brave, that we can face any hardship in the world. Any type of pain can never snatch our ability to laugh. Any hurt in the world can never contaminate our happiness. We plaster a benign smile on our face and show people around us, how tough we can be.

In turn, people adore us. Respect us. Look up to us.

Some,exhibiting the same mettle, get inspiration.

Others, weak and forlorn are full of awe and admiration.

For years, we live in this self-delusioned world. We cover ourselves with material happiness. We live under the guise of the courageous.

Until, one day, we realize, our resistance is faltering or perhaps, we never were so strong….

True, some people have a tremendous tolerance level. They can endure significant hardships and yet learn to search their happiness in the smallest of things. They can fill colors in bleak surroundings. They can hum songs without music.

Others are ordinary. They are sensitive even to little mishaps. They cry over slightest matters. They constantly fret over insignificant things. Melancholy is their way of life.

You might consider yourself a by-product of either of the groups. BUT, in reality, both the groups over-lap each other. The most successful person in the world carries the seeds of immense failure within him. In the same manner, the most sorrowful person on the earth is capable of acquiring the greatest happiness anyone has ever seen!!!

At any given point of life, you’ll belong to either of the group. You will never get the lifetime membership of any one group. Because, you belong everywhere. There is enough bad in you, to turn you into a killer. There is enough good in you, to turn you into a saint.

A DAY succeeds a NIGHT or a NIGHT succeeds a DAY.

Its how you look at things, does matter.

Our belief in good and evil is so distorted that we cannot understand the concept of dualism. Reality lays abandoned.

Inner strength develops over long battles of self-conflict.

Something that will tear you apart yet rejuvenate you as a whole, once it deems you worthy enough!!!

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