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I was born OK.

I could see. I could hear. I could talk. I had no physical handicap. No mental one too. I went to school. I could even read and write well. No learning problems either.

So, I was NOT special. Not special as the many many children we know. Some who are blind, some dumb and/or deaf. Some physically handicapped. Some mentally retarded. Some otherwise normal but having serious learning disabilities.

How do we feel for such children? Sympathy is common and so is pity. We look at them and thank God that we aren’t like that. Our children aren’t so and also anyone else in the family. We are ready to help financially. We become self-proclaimed social workers. We give huge donations, in form of money, clothes, books, toys etc..

I am not saying that it is not important. But, truly, just how many of us “empathize” ? How many of us actually feel their pain, their discomfort, their helplessness, their sorrow…..? How many of us actually give them our love, care and most important, our time! The very things they are actually hungry of!

Material things are very easy to give, because they don’t come with emotional attachments. But, hope, affection, trust are the rarest ones. We ourselves are so short of it that we think if we give them away, we will be left with nothing. What we don’t realize is that, these sentiments double on sharing. That love has absolutely no boundaries. That we can care for anyone else in this world. That blood ties are no different from any other relationships…

How many of us think of helping such people? How many of us actually volunteer to do something for the society. Children are the future of every country. What matters if they are normal or not? AND what exactly do we mean by “normal”? Does normal mean, kids who disobey their parents, don’t study and become big bullies. Does normal mean, teenagers who drink, smoke, drive rashly and party all night?

If you have visited such special schools or institutions, you will realize the tremendous potential these kids have. They may not be scholars in studies, but their mind is brilliant and sharp. They are good at making handicrafts and also at beautiful arts such as weaving, painting, pottery etc.. Some sing and dance well. Some are really intelligent and master their handicap to excel even in the field of education. They have a tremendous self-confidence. They have the courage to overcome their difficulties and move ahead positively. AND, what about us? Do we have the decency to ignore their physical form and identify them as people? Not to ridicule them or make fun of them, but give them the respect that they deserve just like us….

Have we ever done something for them from the bottom of our hearts? Volunteered to teach them or help them with things. Don’t be ashamed. Even I am one of you. I make big plans of helping them and doing something for them. I know I have the utmost desire to do so. But those plans never actually materialize. But, some day, they will. I know, before I die, I will do something that will really contribute to their upliftment. It’s my mission in life.

Can you vow to take such a mission? Or at least plan a short-term goal? To look beyond mortal differences and do something on a very basic yet spiritual/ social level?

There are thousands of NGOs working for this cause. You can find a couple in your own town. Even the UN has a volunteering website, where you can volunteer online and complete some tasks. At least it will better than whiling your time away chatting with friends or doing time-pass. It will be worth it.

All of us are normal. Ordinary. But, there is something in us that is extraordinary. And, we can make a difference. Perhaps, a slight one, but that which will be the beginning of an ever-lasting change!!!

(I dedicate this post to, all the “special” children with any kind of physical / mental disabilities. May God bless you always. And may all your dreams come true, for you deserve much more than mere “normals” like us…..)


  1. I once participated in a type of Big Brother type program, and you write about exactly what I observed. Very special children with such talents, who do not quite fit into our definition of normal.

    I hope many, many people read and are inspired to do something for these kids after reading your thoughts.

    These Kid’s usually expect nothing, so anything involving personal time for them is extra special!

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