The 3 most important questions of life are:
1) Who am I?
2) What am I?
3) Where am I?
Here’s what I feel about them……
Many a times, I do wonder, who am I?
The answer lies within me but is it significant and would I be “this” all my life long? OR have I evolved over time, not only in this birth but all previous ones too, and keep on continuously doing so.
My purpose is, I believe, a part of a plan that was perhaps constructed long ago. When exactly? No one is sure! Because, perhaps, it goes beyond “time-lines”.
What exactly is time? Nothing but a convenience to measure and divide, so that it will be beneficial in identifying our purposes.
I am special. But sill, I have a long way to go. In the end, I just have to compete with my own self!
Today, I read an article in the newspaper which says that, we are not the source of love but we help each other to access the love, that is the source.
Hence, I am a medium. One day, I am going to go beyond this and realize that my existence today is just “a single incident” and this collection of incidents will bring me to a point of spiritual growth sooner or later.
I am here only physically, BUT, metaphysically, I am traveling and going on. Even if I die, I will continue to travel (perhaps in a different dimension).
I will love, I will hate. I will do all that is human. I will be a pioneer of both good and bad BUT whatever I do, whatever I be, I know, I will make an definite and everlasting “impact”.
It’s easy to be famous but it really means something to make a special change in other lives.
There is a reason for everything that happens.
One day, I will, probably, get all the answers OR probably I will die without getting any.
But, it gives immense satisfaction to know that REASONS do exist, even if I don’t know what they are!
These are my answers for the time being. But they are continuously getting updated and evolved.
At least, I have begun my ultimate QUEST.
What about you?
Are you ready to begin this journey?????

One thought on “3 QUESTIONS

  1. Dear Sonali,

    After long time seen such maturity in poetry.
    Noone is going to die….dont forget in spiritual language it is said “your soul is immortal.”

    Answer to all these question are different with different phases of life…

    One more question I would like to add here is


    One more question but only after I get answer to all above from you.

    Excellent one.

    keep it up.

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