I always wonder whether I am NOT normal.

Sometimes, I feel so cut-off from other people, that it makes me think whether I am human at all.

I agree, basically we all belong to the same species but there is something unique in each one of us that sets us apart.

Still, I am way different.

I don’t think, what others think.

For them, I am a MYSTERY.

I am Stubborn. I have my own way of doing things. I don’t listen to everybody.

But then, who the hell is perfect in this world???

Is it my fault that my views differ from all?

Is it my fault that I value different things than others?

Is it my fault that my principles compel me to take a different path?

I listen to only one person in this world.

Only one person takes me as I am.

Only one person who makes me believe in myself.

Only one person assures me that I am not a freak.

My culture beckons me to behave in one manner.

My mind wavers between uncertainty.

My soul is pure but gets contaminated with baseless thoughts.

My heart is true yet confused.


Yes, I am.

But, not in the way you think.

I am different even basically.

I am an ENIGMA.

I will listen only to what I feel is right.

I will obey that which appeals to my inner self.

I will keep quiet and let others make assumptions.

And, in the end, I will follow what I have faith in…..


One thought on “AM I DIFFERENT?

  1. hey sonu….all tht u hv written is jus amazin…
    especially this ‘am i different’…… i personly bleive tht nothin is more imp thn i’ myself… n my thots n beliefs n decision…r final…
    coz the most imp thing is tht no1 in this world can love u more thn ur own self…. so thers nothin wrong if i follow my heart, or listen to my inner self…

    it was really nice to read somethin tht i always thought…!!!

    goood work…keep it up…!

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