If only I could know things-

before they happened here.

If only I could love people-

at least those who are near and dear.

If only I could radiate mirth-

and banish every fear.

If only I could stop talking for a moment-

and sincerely hear.

If only I could understand-

and stop a falling tear.

If only I could forget my worries-

and do nothing but cheer.

Life is truly a mixture of-

never-ending “ifs”

Of deep great valleys-

and of high and strong cliffs.

Of high and low periods-

of sunshine and of rain.

Of obvious joys and sorrows-

mingled with happiness and pain.

If only I could fill colors-

and brighten someone’s day.

If only I could help easily-

and show someone the right way.

If only I could make others laugh-

and along with them smile.

If only I could make this living-

a little worthwhile!!!


2 thoughts on “IF ONLY…

  1. An amazing poem!!! so true that every one lives n may be eventually dies with a lot of ifs n buts in der mind some answered and some unanswered……i guess this is what life is all about!!

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