We learned this saying long ago in school. We were fashioned in such a manner that we have believed all through our lives, how what you do now, will balance itself later on.

What can be a better example than the current India-Australia cricket series.

After a devastating second test match for the Indians, the unsure morale of the Indian team seemed meek before the towering Australian confidence.

A draw was foreseen and on a ground like WACA, Perth; the Australians seemed mighty. Shaun Tait, the newly included fast bowler was already boasting, how he was going to crush Indians and Australia truly were on the verge of their 17th consecutive test victory; a feat no team has achieved yet.

Years before, when the Australian side, won 16th consecutive tests under Steve Waugh’s captaincy, it was the Indians, who put an end to their winning streak and this time, yet again, the Indians toppled the Australians with a 72 run win in the third test.

In spite of Harbhajan Singh’s absence, the confidence level in Indian team was tremendous. Everything, that they did, the bowling, the batting, the fielding was excellent.

The most beautiful thing about the game was, the animosity levels present in the 2nd test match were not openly displayed here and the Indians showed the world, yet again, HUMILITY is the greatest virtue conferred on mankind.

HUMILITY that so easily brushed aside the Australian OVER-CONFIDENCE.

The wrong umpiring decisions of the 2nd test, manifested here too, but this time more in the favor of the Indians. ‘Each day’ was an maginficient treat to the Indian cricket fans. AND, finally, within 4 days, the much awaited win was achieved.

If you are an Indian, you’ll know, what the Indian-Pakistan rivalry means. Especially during cricket matches, it is at its peak. However, during recent times, a more friendly atmosphere has developed between us and the Pakistanis.

But, a new rivalry in the game is coming up, the “India-Australia” one!

Rivalry or no rivalry,there are so many things, all of us can learn from the events of last two test matches.

Whereas, Ricky Ponting refused to discuss the “Harbhajan-Symonds” spat with Anil Kumble initially and proceeded to make complaint; Anil Kumble very humbly let go of the matter about Brad Hogg calling him a ‘bastard’.

Whereas Ricky Ponting, took a very defensive stand and talked about integrity and got agressive; Anil Kumble judged the entire situation well and was assertive in his approach.

Whereas the Australians, ignored the faults of the second game and exhibited the same “we are the best” and “there’s no one like us” and “you are inferior” attitude; the Indians, let their game do the talking and proved themselves better than the Australians, not only as players but as good sportspersons too.

You do wrong and it comes back to you.

Right now, it wouldn’t bounce back, but some day it will.

Injustice happens, we all saw that in the second test, but finally, justice prevailed.

In the third test, the Aussie cricket team was paid back in their own manner.

It is so very true, AS YOU SOW, SO SHALL YOU REAP….. 🙂

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