FAKE (A personal view)

(My view-point on the poem I have written.)

Many have come to me personally and said that “FAKE” resembles them very much. What happened in their lives and what is still happening. It’s a sad thing but true that we have become slaves of our fate and have forgotten that we still can hold the reins of our life and guide it to a more self-satisfying cause.

When our relationships are nothing but a formality for us, we have to stop and think, where exactly the humanity in us, has gone? How much ever the world progresses…. we cannot become machines and let our sentiments down.

All of you, who think, that life is really not what it used to be, that you are living for the sake of it, that people around are more of your enemies than friends, that true emotions don’t react with the “human” in you and that you have FORGOTTEN life…….Please don’t think so…

It’s not that you have forgotten life……You are just afraid to try it out….

Try once….there is at least ONE person in the entire world who appreciates your efforts….

For HIM, for HER…….Let this be the greatest battle you have undertaken against your own self….

3 thoughts on “FAKE (A personal view)

  1. You make a really good point!

    I think if some people really stop to think how they think about their friends, they may find they do not have true friends, but they have true consumers in their life.

    Their friends are a commodity. They live in a real time social web site, and they judge themselves by the number of people of people pretending to like them.

    I wish the whole modern world could read your post!

  2. I am afraid to try it out..

    and also there is at least ONE person in the entire world who appreciates my efforts..

    nice post…

    the top pic is nice too…

    Happy Lohri..

  3. Nice thought sonali..waht I feel is that we should not be scared of doing things…we should remove these feelings of self doubt, incompetency and lack of control as we walk through life……we should not be afraid of trying things…do what we want and not regret about things as things that we regret about today can be wht we wanted the most in the past…so we should not be slaves of our fate but be the master and guide our life and future

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