Oh what a fake world

And what a fake YOU

You started as a curious traveler

And look where you have reached

Is this what you had dreamed of?

To be one among the millions

You wanted to stand out from the rest

But you joined the usual rat race

You run around in mazes now

You compete for the common cheese

Are you happy with what you have?

Are you surviving from day to day?

Has money become your sole aim?

Power and prestige your food today

Is your laughter genuine?

Or do you hide behind a cheap mask?

Do you show what you really feel?

Or have you killed your feelings long ago?

Look back and tell what you have lost

Left behind only broken hearts

Repenting souls and forgotten relationships

Unfinished tales and incomplete businesses

What are you today but a mere hypocrite?

Is this what you hoped for?

Have you traded your soul to gain nothing?

Are these the goals you aimed for?

You paid a PRICE

You fought with your people

You still hold grudges of the past

It cost you, your love, your trust, your faith

You never could make it last

Hey is this your own world

Or just an illusion?

You could have mastered your fate

Why blame it on God

He gave you the opportunity

But you were going down at a fast rate

Now find a pair of truthful eyes

And put your life on rewind

What made you take those decisions?

What had made you so blind?

Someone cares for you still you know

And doesn't bother what others say

Even if one person thinks you are worthy enough

You deserve much more

Send your doubts away

Now drown yourself in thoughts

Answer good and answer true

Where is the innocence you had as a child?

Where is the ambition you had in your youth?

Is survival the only cause of your existence?

Have you really forgotten how to LIVE???

Oh what a fake world

And what a fake YOU

2 thoughts on “FAKE

  1. Sonali good work as always and I would say this poem that you have written so truly portrays what I feel I am going through. Few days back I read this blog by a friend on bucket list : http://whenispeaktomyself.blogspot.com/2010/07/bucket-list.html

    After I read it triggered a thought and made me realize oh I have forgotten what dreams and when was the last time I dreamed of something. How things change and how as a kid I had so many things that I dreamed of. But as I am growing I feel I have become too practical or may be too fake as u would put it or may be I dont have the patience and determination to fulfill my dreams or even to dream for that matter…but yes so fake have we become and we ourselves opt to live with this attitude…

  2. very well written..!! thought provoking..!!

    “Have you traded your soul to gain nothing?” this statement reminds me of a movie where a writer trades his soul for success and gains fame but looses near n dear ones..!! amazing thoughts..!!

    keep writing..!!

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