Normally, in any argument that doesn’t involve you directly, whose side do you take???

It’s quite natural for us to support our relatives, our friends, our community and our country as whole.

We might have a hell lot of internal conflicts within us, but when our loyalty towards what is our own, is tested, we certainly “back” our near and dear ones.

For example, take the very recent controversy of the second test match between India and Australia. I conversed with few Australian people. And, as an Indian, I know the views of my people.

There a vast difference in the way of thinking. But, I doubt, whether anyone really thinks in such matters.

It is but obvious, that we as Indians will support our country and they as Australians, will support theirs.

BUT, what is the real truth?

How many people know that?

In this case , since most of the world has condemned the Australian cricket team, for their unsporting behavior, we can make some judgments.

But, is it right on our parts to condemn those Australians that are supporting their team? I know, perhaps, we would have done the same thing. What happened was wrong……but it happens that our sense of understanding and reasoning does take a back seat in matters concerning the integrity on a global scale.

What confuses us is the fact that whose side do we take? It wouldn’t be wrong if we support our country or our people.

On the other hand, what about personal ethics?

Is patriotism or love for one’s people great? Or are your values and principles as a human being are great?

It becomes increasingly difficult to take sides. By supporting one and ignoring the other, you cannot do justice to either of them. Any decision you make, is going to make you regret at a certain point.

So tell me, TWO sides, ONE supportive decision……

What is important?

The sense of what is right OR immense love for something belonging to you???

3 thoughts on “TAKING SIDES

  1. Echoing the words of people I met while living in England some years ago, I think helps answer some of what you are asking.

    “I do not like Amerians, but you are all right”.

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