I have loved cricket more than any other game. But what happened, in the light of the 2nd test match between India and Australia in Sydney, is not only shameful but enraging.


First of all, Harbhajan Singh, is being accused of racism, which is a downright lie.

Helloooooooooo. We Indians are one of the most racially abused people. Its ridiculous to think, we’ll act so stupidly considering how important the game was.

Symonds should know better. Aussies have never played fair. And yes, we do question their integrity!


In the most controversial final day of the 2nd test, Sourav Ganguly was actually given out, not by an umpire but the Australian captain Ricky Ponting himself!

Since when did the umpires listen to the players and give their decisions???

Moreover, even Dravid and R.P.Singh were the victims of absolutely wrong umpiring decisions.

If at all, the ICC accuses Harbhajan and bans him from playing further matches, then I think its wise enough for BCCI to tell players to pack their bags, cancel the series and head home.

I urge all cricket lovers to follow this controversy.

Support the Indian team. If ONE Symonds was abused by Harbhajan, then in reality, our ENTIRE team has been abused, disgraced in their country.

As, Anil Kumble, summed up the situation, “Only one team played in the spirit of the game..”

AND, we all know who the team is.

I doubt, whether anyone in India has any respect left for the Aussie cricket team.

I guess, will keep you updated on most of the things.

So, just be aware!


  1. Good idea, send them home. I mean, they wouldn’t want go to Perth, not after what they’ve said about the Aussies. They wouldn’t be safe!

  2. My dear Mr.Ray Dixon,
    India is enraged and our first reaction was to bring the team home but on second thought, we would rather stay and fight.
    I read your blog post.
    I know our differences in opinion largely arise from the fact that I am an Indian and you are a Australian.
    But to be honest, I have been a huge fan of the Aussie cricket team. I like the aussie players and the amazing way in which they play.
    As players, hats off to them BUT as human beings, we Indians are definitely better!

  3. It is sad to read about your account of your team’s loss.

    I lived in England three years, and never learned the rules.

    I never watched it played except on television.

    I know unfair calls happen all the time, it is too bad they were blatant, and happened to your team, at this time.

  4. The Indian team should stay and play cricket… that’s what they are meant to do.. the rest is supposed to be handled by the authorities, i.e., BCCI ..Until now, BCCI has been showing a chalta hai attitude in spite of the fact that the Indian Board is the richest contributor to the game of Cricket..

    Taking a flight back home will only hurt the game..
    The next game has to be won by the Indian team at any cost and during the final presentation, none of the team members should attend it.. thats the best way of showing a protest..

    The Australian team is arrogant.. it comes with success.. and Ponting’s question on “integrity” is a big blow on his face… i hope he sees those videos.. and also re-read the rules of the game, that will save him his face.

    to Mr. Ray:

    Safe of whom? let’s talk cricket here.. will u?

  5. @raydixon:

    Have u got no other work than spamming blogs with ur so called comments ?? We won’t be safe in Perth eh ? What do u think ? Are the aussies gonna thrash us within 3 days ? Who cares ? The series is already decided and we ve nothing to lose !!

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