For many people, the identity of others, is a big question. If you don’t have a proper identity, no one will give you a second look. Your personality, your money, your friend-circle and your family are your measuring factors. Beyond them, you are considered nothing.

How many people look beyond this veil? Or are really anything beyond this veil?

Do we really have a separate image of ourselves? Or are we just a mere puppet controlled by our surroundings and destiny?

Many adjectives describe us. Our nature, our belongingness to the society, our prestige…

Suprisingly, that’s the only point with which we are judged.

The spiritual tinge in our soul is hidden deep within the layers of meaningless nonsense that we proudly exhibit in front of the world. Our capabilities, our talent, is nothing but degrees that we flaunt to cover our true nature.

If LIFE is so messed up and identities so vague and unreal, then, WHO AM I?

Who exactly, indeed! Perhaps this question does not have an answer……

It’s just a never-ending QUEST…………..

2 thoughts on “WHO AM I?

  1. The best reply I can offer is this:

    Only humans worry about who they are; every other living thing in the world does not care how the world defines it. It knows what it is, and that is all it needs.

    You can be anything you define yourself as, as long as identity and action match.

    The world’s identification of you will cease to matter when you reach this point.

  2. Who Am I?
    Answer differs with person to person…with time

    But it important to realise Who am I?,Why am here?, in early phase of life.
    Answer to these question gives u path towards being a good human and self-confidence.

    Hope you agree with me?

    Anyways, again nice posting ….

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