Well, all of us, in fact, the entire world begins the new year with a LONG list of resolutions. And, the most common one, lose weight, lose weight and lose weight.

Dieting has become an instant fad, not only among youngsters but also among the older group too. I sometimes don’t understand, whether it is “DIETING” or “DIE-EATING”.

Come on, new year is a time to chill out. Eat heartily. What’s the use of placing all sorts of restrictions on your eating habits?

Some other people go one step ahead in making resolutions. They are the ones, who pledge to quit or minimize smoking / drinking. January 1st……it’s such a convenient time of the year. A year, that they spend on countless cigarette packets and hell lot of alcohol bottles. And, as soon as the year seems to be ending, “I am going to quit smoking” and “I won’t drink more than 2 pegs”……such dialogues begin. The first month of the year is followed very religiously and then slowly, the devil takes over….

Work-ridden people are starved for more holidays and more quality time with family. Their resolutions last for a long time. I mean, enough for one nice holiday. The kids are happy, the wife is happy, until……the cell-phone starts ringing. 😀

Waking up early, is a big pain in the neck for half the population in the world and so is going to bed early, a huge problem to solve. No doubt, they make sweet and simple resolutions. But few days in to it and you realize, that habits are hard to break. Breaking alarm clocks is just so simple…

Messy people wish to get organized. They spend hours in cleaning stuff and getting everything in order. And finally, when they are done, they don’t remember where they put the things. A dis-organized place seemed so accessible in getting what you wanted! Now, have to litter the room again!

Short-tempered people like me make wonderful poetic resolutions, that we’ll never lose our temper on silly matters. We’ll count up to 100 when we are enraged, so that our anger cools down. Well, even before we reach 10, we are boiling up. We control our anger till that time and suddenly it dawns upon us that letting it out will make us feel much better than now.

Sulky, pessimistic people opt for a resolution that they will stay positive in life, enjoy it to the fullest. They go on amazingly well for quite a bit of time. But, suddenly start wondering whether something is wrong with their life! And ofcourse, no life can be perfect, so why even try to make it so???

Students want to perform well  in school/college, teachers want to be more cooler, parents want to be friends to their children, children want to be big very soon, teenagers want more freedom, youngsters want new boyfriends/girlfriends, some want to fall in love, some want to get married, others want to break marriages, some more others want extra-marital affairs, most of them want money, a considerable amount of people want fame, some want beautiful face, others want a sexy body…….there are millions and millions of resolutions.

The funny part is, everyone wants to be a part of the normal tradition and make resolutions. But they seem more like revolutions to everyone. Getting out of the comfort zone and wanting something that you wish to have but will have to slog for it.

I have never known anyone actually making and keeping the resolution throughout the year. There might be such “weird” people living in this world. But, thats alright. It’s normal.

OK. Get-Set, you all get ready too. Here comes the new year. Make resolutions. Break resolutions. Whatever you do, just enjoy this life to the fullest. You live only once! Who knows, there might never be a next time….


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