The worst loss you face

Is that of a relationship

It’s neither love, nor respect

or some great friendship

It pains more when you lose

the relationship with your soul

It hurts more when you realize

You are playing no role

You fail to be in touch

of your own emotions

Your ideas get faulty

Embedded in wrong notions

Solutions are few

And disasters are plenty

Infinite masks

But no real identity

You live with guilt

Of mistakes not done

You hate your life

And from joys you run

Sometimes its better

To give yourself forgiveness

Sometimes its better

To get carried away with madness

Whatever you do

No punishment is so great

That it will hurt you throughout life

And make you wait

Next day would be better

And filled with hope

With promising future

And strength to cope

Its up to you

What have you retained

At the end of the day

What lessons you gained

There are many things in life

At one time you lose

But just like your happiness

Your sorrow also do you choose!!!!

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